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Raising start up funding

My business Is looking to get out off paper and into a beautiful reality of being able to make families furry friends home away from home!

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Project Description

 My mission for my business is to provide services where animals feel at home where they won’t feel nervous or scared but more comfortable like they do at home! My resolution is to provide more boarding kennels where I do not have a wait list like everyone else around town. I do not want to have to turn a client away because of Capacity.My market size and opportunity in my business is to help accommodate families that will start going back to work with new “pandemic pets” in keeping them safe instead of being home alone all day for risk of being hurt. The problem I’m solving is by providing a home like environment for the loved family members while their human families are out of town work or where ever else they are. the funding I’m seeking is to provide with the build out of the building I find as well as help provide rent for the building with equipment such as kennels bathtubs toys food groom tables etc. The people who I’ll hire are to be certified in animal CPR and 1St Aid like I am. They will be great with animals and able to read the body language of a scared or anxious dog to avoid a bad situation.


The Campaign FAQs

We are getting lots of people who want to become part of our family at Family Pet Hotel & Spa LLC there is a LOT of people asking me for my services and I'm upset that I can't even provide them yet until I get the business up and running which I'm hoping to by July 1st ! 

Kevin C Herman
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