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Queen's Web

Queen’s Web empowers women worldwide by providing professional opportunities for ongoing efforts to diversify the technology industry.

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Project Description


Our Mission

Queen’s Web empowers women worldwide by providing professional opportunities for ongoing efforts to diversify the technology industry. We provide early career opportunities for women with traditional and non-traditional backgrounds in technology, along with women who have been separated from tech roles and those already in the industry striving to enter leadership positions. It is our goal to let women know that they have a place in the tech industry and that we will advocate on their behalf.

Every Queen walks her own path

Women hold only 26 percent of all tech jobs, which has been steadily declining for years. This percentage is unacceptable. Technology is changing the landscape of our world which is why it’s crucial for those already drowning in the system to be part of this change. 

Here at Queen’s Web, we believe representation is an essential part of creating a safe and inclusive workplace. Queen’s Web provides the resources needed for women and advocates for increasing the number of women in the technology field. We know Queen's Web will help close the gap and make women feel more confident going into their careers! 

There are numerous challenges and obstacles that women face in the workplace that lead to feelings of unease and isolation. Our community is a safe place where women can be  vulnerable with one another without judgement. Many of our women are mothers that face barriers as they attempt to return to the workforce and often feel out of touch with their peers. Our community members come from both traditional education backgrounds and those who have changed career paths and opted to utilize other paths such as bootcamps. Women with non-traditional backgrounds often have difficulty obtaining that first career opportunity. We strive to provide the resources and tools for women to confidently enter the workforce.

Why Crowdfunding

We believe that investors don't reflect our mission of being built by women, for the empowerment of women, especially women of color, that face adversity in the technology industry. We wanted to make sure Queen’s Web mission would never be altered by outside forces. Crowdfunding allows us to speak on what we are passionate about and allows our supporters to become involved in social change. 

We are raising on IfundWomen so that we can provide training, coaching, expand our company, and create more job opportunities for women in tech fields world wide.

About the Founders


        Reshae Alagabda
                 Safia Hirsi

Queen’s Web was founded by Reshae Alagbada and Safia Hirsi who wanted to cultivate positive social change. Innovators and leaders by nature, they were motivated to create a project that connects with women in tech to create a web application to gain experience. Going into tech themselves, they felt they needed to help fill the gap between education and the first job opportunity. Soon they realized the problem was much bigger than first opportunities and they became more driven to effectively change these systemic issues. Now, Queen’s Web has expanded as a company that provides opportunities and resources to women in every stage of their career path.

Thank You!

We want to sincerely thank every single person who contributes to this cause. Every dollar received goes directly to the upward mobility of women in tech. Thank you so much for your support in helping Queen’s Web grow into a successful business that provides these opportunities for women.



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