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I personally would like to develop an educational experimentation through the Citizens University proposed to the Governments

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From: WPSI Consulting Group SAS - Nicole MISSIAMENOU – TRIUM Applicant
To: Companies, Organizations, Public Institutions and Private Individuals

Subject: Invitation to join our Financial Sponsorship

Dear Madam and Sir, Dear Public, Dear Corporate, Dear Sponsors,

WPSI Consulting Group SAS struggles against work diseases and brings wellness. We develop potential, performance and turnover through personal and collective development. We advise the Companies, the Public Institutions and the Organizations. We promote the Human Relations favouring blooming. A better human understanding helps the Private Individuals to make a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

TRIUM focus on a geopolitical and socioeconomic insight shared between the LSE, HEC Paris and NYU Business Schools. Secondly, this prestigious program combines the blended learning and practical
experiences as an immersion in the Silicon Valley. Moreover, the complexities of this world oblige a better understanding of the International Business, the Human Resources and the decisions of the Leaders.

This Global Executive MBA is perfectly in line with the missions managed by our Consulting and Projects to be delivered within the Companies, Public Institutions, Organizations as well as the Private Individuals. In fact, the TRIUM community is a cross-cultural exchange sharing knowledge, skills, opinions, beliefs, experiences, goals and pooled resources.

Political Institutions are the particular mechanisms that a Government uses to carry out essential Government functions. The Department of the Education is responsible for education and children's
services in United Kingdom. That is the reason why, I personally would like to develop an educational experimentation through the Citizens University proposed to the Governments. Then, we already planned
about twenty projects to accompany the launch of our Concept “WPSI” in attachment and the growth with our Recruitment scheduled on the year 2019.

We would like to reach academically and professionally our aims, objectives and financial results. We very much hope that you will support this financial sponsorship targeting 200 000$ (tuitions and additional costs included) to join these business schools:

Ref.: Funds for WPSI Consulting Group SAS – Nicole MISSIAMENOU – TRIUM Applicant – Intake 2018
 The London School of Economics and Political Science - Admissions Team - Houghton Street, London
WC2A 2AE, UK (United Kingdom)
 HEC Paris – Admissions Team – 6-14 Avenue de la Porte de Champerret – 75017 Paris (France)
 New York University Stern School of Business - Admissions Team – 44 West 4th Street – New York, NY
10012 (United States of America)

We thank you in advance for your attention and congratulate all the sponsors for their generosity and confidence.

If you have any further queries, I will always be glad to answer your questions with pleasure at (Our Concept WPSI is freely available upon request).
Nicole MISSIAMENOU, Founder and President – WPSI Consulting Group SAS and TRIUM Applicant.


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2019 - 324 persons in each country

Long Term - 104 976 persons worldwide



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