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Prolific Training Takes On West Valley Phoenix

Elite basketball training in West Valley Phoenix for middle school to professional athletes.

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Project Description

Our Mission

Prolific Training provides athletes with advanced basketball training to create a full-circle player. We provide a family environment and focus on basketball skills and personal growth. We take pride when an athlete comes out of their shell and improve their life skills and in their gameplay.

Market Opportunity

The majority of basketball facilities and trainers are in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix has 325 public schools and more than 200 charter or private schools. There are over 26,000 West Valley high school athletes that have to travel an hour for games, tournaments, and training.  Phoenix is becoming a prime market for all levels of athletes to train and showcase their talent. 

Our goal is to offer a facility and training services in the west valley that currently has limited competition. Your funding will help us develop a facility complete with basketball hoops, hardwood flooring and training equipment. 

Our Team

Katie Hunter and David Taylor are co-owners of Prolific Training.

Katie leads day-to-day operations and strategic management. Katie has a decade of experience in business leadership. Katie excels with project planning, implementation, scheduling, and communication. She focuses on deepening relationships with our athlete’s parents and the community. 

Co-owner and lead-coach David Taylor has been playing, training and coaching basketball for a combined 15 years. David has played throughout high school, college, and professional basketball in China. David has been focusing the last 5 years on training middle school aged to college athletes. assist in sharpening their skills and assisting them in securing scholarships to play basketball at the next level.

Brandon Dixon is a co-trainer with Coach Taylor. Brandon has been playing, training and coaching basketball for a combined 15 years. Brandon played throughout high school and college. Brandon brings social media and marketing knowledge from owning his own marketing business.

Sean Scaturro serves as our Business Consultant. Sean has 20 years of experience in financial planning and marketing. Sean leads our content marketing strategy and supports with ongoing financial guidance. 

What Winning Means to Us

The amount of support we have gotten from our athletes and parents has been overwhelming. We have nearly doubled the amount of athletes that train with Prolific in the past 3 months. We expect that growth to be even stronger with a facility and visible West Valley presence.                 
The athlete and family support has been amazing. We want to see our athletes grow, earn scholarships and play at their highest level. We want to see the young people we impact, grow into great young adults. 

To continue to provide value to our players, current and future, we are seeking financial support to establish a training facility. 

We are so thankful for our support system, team, athletes, and family!


The Campaign FAQs

For any questions, inquiries or our whole business plan please reach out to us on Instagram: @ProlificTrainingAZ, email: [email protected] or text: 602.740.8883.



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