The Pride

We empower women to protect themselves using a Bluetooth token and app to ensure a perfectly timed phone call just when they need it.

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Project Description

Why The Pride?

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Every day, women are approached by men. Those men may be her boss, her best friend’s husband, or a stranger on the street. Most of the time, the man does not intend to threaten the woman, but she does not know that. “If I try to walk away, will he try to stop me? Yell at me? Assault me? Rape me?” She doesn’t know. At that moment, all she wants is a way to safely escape the situation. She looks for ways to politely end the conversation and move on with her day. Sometimes, that’s easy. Sometimes, it’s not. We provide women an additional tool to use to safely excuse herself.

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Women are taught, from the time they are young girls, to be polite, to be nice, not to make a scene. This makes us easy prey for too many men. It also means that we are unlikely to use things like pepper spray, guns, or other self-defense devices, even if we carry it.
But, we can use a phone call or an-person interruption to politely excuse ourselves. (And if we can’t, it’s a sign to our Prides to call 911.)

What is The Pride?

With The Pride, the user presses a button on her Bluetooth token – which is either attached to her keyring or can be put on her watch band or FitBit band. That’s all she does; from there, the app takes over, providing three levels of alerts: first, to her Personal Pride; second, an automated call; and third, to the Pride Family. That provides three opportunities for her to excuse herself. And two for someone to call 911 if appropriate.
The Pride is designed to balance several realities: that more and more women are speaking out about the harassment they deal with, making it easier to confront; the way we behave in stressful situations, when our brains are flooded with adrenaline; that it’s wiser to end a harmless interaction than to find out it wasn’t harmless; that this person is just as likely to be someone we’ll see again than it is a stranger; that we don’t want to involved 911 unless we have to – but we want it available if we need it. We’ve considered all of the issues and more, resulting in The Pride.

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Don’t you want to be Part of the Pride?

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