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Nooks for Introverts

I have always loved study nooks and how cozy and quiet they can be without distractions. You can be focused or daydream.

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Project Description

Like most Introverts we love alone time without noise and too many distractions, we need time to write, reflect, focus, daydream and decompress.  I would like to create a place to facilitate a space with individual nooks that give introverts their own time for themselves. 

A space that allows someone to concentrate and or just daydream, without feeling judgement; that's quiet, serene, without distractions, and has the feeling of being cozy at home.

Introverts make up an estimated 25 to 40 percent of the population. So their is a strong need, which I believe isn't offered.

I'm picturing a row or nooks used for anything such as studying, journaling, daydreaming, writing, reading anything to feel comfortable and without feeling eyes burning a hole in you, which happens to me when I couldn't study in libraries that had those desks in the middle of the room, those are the worse.

I would like to create a space to house these individual nooks in rows some with natural lighting and some possibly more enclosed, more meditative, depending on personal preferences. I would charge a very low fee to use the nooks, around $10-$15/hr. Creating a self checkin- checkout system, to track usage. The facilities would need to be designed in a way that is calming, cheerful and you would maybe stay all day.

  • I appreciate any and all considerations, especially any backers who might find this concept of real use.


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