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apparel for ethnically ambiguous women – for ALL women

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Project Description

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Created by writer and artist MD Marcus, Motley Decree is an apparel line designed to address the questions and comments that are relentlessly presented to women who do not have an easily identifiable race.

All items are both fashion and statement based; both feminine and strong. The majority of our designs are intended to be proclamations declared by the racially/ethnically mixed women who they represent. If only we had a dollar for every time the question, “WHAT ARE YOU?” was asked, we would’ve been able to retire to the Caribbean by the time we became legal…

But don’t worry, even if you’ve never been asked that all too familiar question, you are welcome to shine as a Motley Diamond! Our line is super inclusive and we have designs that EVERY WOMAN can relate to…just so long as you are an ambitious, “goal” getting, faith-walking, all around fabulous type of woman that is!

Spread the word, this is a movement!

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