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The Mel: Animal Sanctuary & Education Centre

Offering peace of mind for pet owners and wellness resources to connect people and nature.

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Project Description

At Just Fur Them we promote healthy thriving lives for animals offering daily care services such dog walking and cat care. We also offer various health conscience events and programs to promote pets and people living healthy lives together. These programs encourage pet parents to take the time to connect, learn about one another, and get back to nature.

People are so busy with their daily hustle and bustle that there seems to be a disconnection. Domesticated animals such as dogs and cats help to bridge the gap. We encourage pet bonding with various wellness, fitness, and social events. Many of these events take place at metroparks and outdoor facilities to connect human and nature.

Daily pet care services are currently offered in central and northeast Ohio. The service area has unlimited potential to grow. Dog walking alone is in great demand. As more pet parents work full time and keep busy with activities, especially in highly populated cities like Columbus, Los Angeles, and Austin, there is a need for pet care takers.

Our specialty services like dog yoga and pet transportation are offered wherever our yoga mats may lay. And we help keep families and their pets together by transporting pets whether it's driving two hours outside the city or flying a kitten across the country. The smiles and tears of grateful clients make it all worthwhile. 

Other events and programs mentioned above relate the small mammal and exotic animal we are fundraising to open. Small mammals and exotic pets consist of spiders, tropical birds, flying squirrels, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. Lots of these animals are sold at various expos and trade shows. Central Ohio tends to be a popular area where these trade shows and expos take place. Vendors sell small mammals and exotic such as pets.

These types of animals should not be an impulse purchase. Each and every one of these animals big and small is a living breathing creature. Each in need of  a specialized habitat.

The exotic pet industry is a 10 billion dollar industry worldwide. This includes the illegal sale of some of these animals. We do not condone illegal trade or selling of these animals. The truth of the matter is the market is not slowing down anytime soon. So we encourage those who have purchased these animals to become knowledgeable. These animals deserve to live honorable lives. Offering a space to teach, reach out to communities to bring awareness of this issue of vendors selling exotics, and offering educational tools and resources is a step in a positive direction. The sanctuary also allows a safe space for small mammals and exotics in need. There are incidents every year between unknowledgeable pet owners and these animals. 

Our team of dedicated pet lovers is here to help spread awareness and encourage positive pet ownership. Many of our staff own pets, enjoy the outdoors, and promote quality living environments for themselves and the animals that surround them in their households and in nature. We would love to grow our team as we open the sanctuary and education centre promoting quality life for animals and job creation to help boost the economy. 

To learn more about Just Fur Them and our mission please reach out by phone or email. You may also visit our website at

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our campaign.  We are grateful for all those who support us. We look forward to continuing to grow our community and support. <3

Here's the breakdown of what we are offering in regards to programs and growth with your support: 

Animals of all sizes and types are important. They each play a crucial role in nature and in their ecosystem. Animals live in cycles, they help with population control, and are gifts to be treasured. As the human population grows, it’s becoming more difficult for animals to find their proper place in the ecosystem. Their homes are destroyed, food supplies are low to extinction, in turn forcing animals to be displaced or sadly go extinct themselves.   

Our small mammal and exotic pet sanctuary strives to educate people on some of these animals and encourage them to do their part to support these and all animal lives, ecosystems, and food supplies. There can and must be a balance between humans, animals, and nature.

Our sanctuary offers various classes, events, and programming to connect communities, educate them on animal wildlife and their environments, encourage them to do their part to keep nature, parks, and the outdoors clean, and have fun while learning. Some of the programming is as follows:

Care 101 - Classes that teach proper care techniques for new pet owners of domestics (cats and dogs) and exotics (reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, spiders, amphibians, and more).

Paddle With Pups - Teaching people about local park and waters wildlife. They’ll also have the chance to explore on kayaks and stand up paddle boards (with or without our volunteer dogs). This puts people right in nature. It’s an educational experience that allows people to really appreciate nature and connect to it. 

Hands On - These programs and classes will have featured animals that will be at classes and programs while teaching attendees on what makes these animals special and how to care for them and support their environments. 

Special Edition Yoga - Stretch, breathe, and sync to the song of nature. These aren’t your ordinary yoga classes. Each class has a theme that supports healthy living and the connection between human, animal, and nature. *Classes are animal friendly. 

Hikes On The Trails - These hikes aren’t just for clients of our pet care services. These hikes encourage people to take a step in nature and learn about the local parks, rivers, and animals. All the while taking a step to a healthier life by getting active. 

There is a HUGE need for a sanctuary like ours in Ohio. Many exotic and small mammal road shows pass through Central Ohio. Attendees purchase live animals from some of these shows. Then they either have a complication with the animal, abandon or mistreat  it or lose it to death from lack of knowledge and proper care. People just do  not know and/or understand how much time, patience, and care these animals need.


As our sanctuary is able to grow,  we can inform prospective, new, current, and previous pet owners. The better it is for these pet owners, nature, and the animals and fish in captivity and the wild.  

In conjunction with our classes and programs we do accept surrenders. Whether it be due to money, time, or any other reason we accept small animals and exotics from those who can’t offer them a happy healthy life. These animals can find comfort and acceptance in our sanctuary. Some of them also become our animal volunteers for programs and classes! 

Some of the various small mammals and exotics we accept as surrenders are as follows: 

Fancy Mice
Guinea Pigs
Flying Squirrels
And More

If you have questions about us or a certain type of animal you’re interested in keeping as a pet please contact us at

We teach programs and classes in-house, at summer camps, community centers, community events, schools, and more. Don’t hesitate to have us connect, visit, and educate your interested party.

If interested in supporting us by donation please contact us. Below is also a list of the types of donations we accept.

Hamster Food
Guinea Pig Food
Rabbit Food
Animal Bedding
Tanks (Various Sizes)
Stand Up Paddle Boards
Anchors for Boards And Kayaks
Life Jackets (Various Sizes)

*The small mammal and exotic animal sanctuary is a part of Just Fur Them. We are a pet care business based in Columbus, Ohio. Offering personalized services for people and their pets. We also educate communities on the proper care of domestics and other animals.  To learn more about Just Fur Them please visit

Thank you,

Carmen Pomales of Just Fur Them 

The Campaign FAQs

Who We Are:
We are a team of dedicated pet care service providers. 

What We Do:
We offer pet care services, education services, and wellness programs to promote happy healthy thriving lives for animals and peace of mind for their pet parents. 

Where We Service:
Our daily services are take place in Central and Northeast Ohio. Our specialty services, like dog yoga and pet transportation take place where we are called... We have traveled near and far to provide these surfaces. 

How You Can Help:
Utilize our pet care services to support our business.
Donate to our cause.
Volunteer with us. 
Educate yourself and promote pet care education for friends and family members. 
Love your animals and respect others. 


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We list donors in our e-news letters the month and year that they donate. 

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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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We list donors in our e-news letters the month and year that they donate. 

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Name in e-news and honorary brunch

We list donors in our e-news letters the month and year that they donate. 

Donor of $150 will be invited to a special brunch. We will hold one brunch every month to honor recent donors.  

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