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Lifetime Counseling and Consulting

Helping Black women heal to their emotional trauma and create loving relationships

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Project Description

  • The mission of my company is to help Black women heal from trauma and utilize their inner resilience to create loving relationships
  • Helping to empower women who have a history of being systematically oppressed 
  • My market is the Bay area, California and all of California. I market towards professional Black women who range in age from 40-50. 
  • My company offers education as well as solution focused and insight focused interventions which is collaborative in helping women address traumatic experiences. I provide educational content in the form of podcasts, videos, and blogs 
  • I am seeking funding because I want to expand my practice and hire additional staff as well as create a non-profit sector to offer services to those who are unable to afford it. 
  • Myself and my virtual assistant are the current members of my team.
  • Thank you so much for believing in me and helping me to create my vision. I promise to utilize funding in the most responsible way to create positive change in the community. 
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