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KitchIngredients (The App)

Make meal planning easier and more cost effective by keeping track of what’s in your kitchen, or try new recipes from users like you!

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Project Description

The vision behind this app came from dealing with the struggles of meal planning and deciding what to cook at home.  As a wife and mother who works full time as an RN, I would often find myself being indecisive about what to do for dinner.  I’m usually trying to figure things out before I go home for the day, giving me time to stop at the grocery store if need be.  But what makes it even more difficult to decide what to cook is not knowing what ingredients I have at home.  Aside from the staples that I normally keep stocked, it’s hard to know how much of each item is left.  That sense of uncertainty results in me ordering takeout or recycling the same boring meals, simply because they’re the easier options.  And on top of that, I always end up wasting money in the grocery store on things I don’t actually need or that go bad before I get a chance to use them. To make a long story short, all of that eating out and wasting food is also wasting money and sacrificing our health.  15-DD09-B7-A523-4-A9-C-9-FE8-D792-ADD1-B212 I thought of this app idea to help make meal planning and cooking at home less stressful, to help us eat better and save money."  Introducing "KitchIngredients" - an app intended to make meal planning easier and more cost effective by keeping track of what’s in your kitchen!


Let’s set the tone with a quick scenario.
 A couple is sitting in their living room watching tv after an eventful day.  One of them turns to the other and says “Hey, what do you wanna eat?”  The other stops to think for a minute and then turns to say “I don’t know, what do YOU want to eat?”  The first one responds saying “I don’t know, that’s why I asked you.” 0491-FC69-35-FD-4-DC1-9-C30-8-C1-A984850-F9

And the uncertainty continues.  In fact, this happens so often that it becomes a cute joke, or the basis of an argument in most relationships.  It’s such a prevalent issue that memes have been made for it. If you’ve ever asked or have been asked the infamous question of “what do you want for dinner” and the answer was “I don’t know”, this app is for you. 66086763-BA65-457-C-B9-B7-3-DFC1802993-E

  • No more stressing about what to cook for dinner. 
  • No more wasting money in the grocery store. 
  • No more wasting groceries. 
  • No more uncertainty about what’s in your pantry or fridge. 
  • No more eating takeout on a regular basis. 



What KitchIngredients has to offer:


  • Users will be able to manually enter and keep track of all the ingredients they have “in stock” keeping it saved and synced with the meal maker tool.


  • The “Recipe Village” is where users can upload recipes with photos and share them with other users.  This includes the ability to “like”, “comment”, share, and save recipes posted in the Recipe Village. 


  • Using the Meal Maker, users can choose ingredients from their inventory to find recipes that incorporate those ingredients. *Recipes come with a list of ingredients, showing you what’s on hand and what’s needed, photos and step by step detailed directions.


  • KitchIngredients Blog can be accessed within the app. It consists of highlighted recipes and tips for cooking and maintaining your kitchen. 


  • “Kitchen Break”, is accessible whenever users are in need of a break from cooking.  They can use this component to find local healthy food restaurants based on their zip code or GPS map location."




The difference between KitchIngredients and other recipes apps on the market is that it incorporates the ability to save inventory, create and save recipes, a social forum, a blog, and restaurant search. Most other similar apps only include one or two of these components.  KitchIngredients is a one stop shop for the meal planning needs of the average person.  This app is great for moms, dads, nannies, caretakers, single men and women, and even teenagers or college students who cook for themselves. 


My name is Atiya Williams, the mom/wife/registered nurse/entrepreneur behind this app. With the help of the Appineers, I’ve been able to bring the vision to life.  I’ve already put in the ground work exhausting my savings and making payments with my hard earned monies over that last 5 months.  In order to complete the cost of coding and launching of the app it would take me another year (or longer) to pay for it.  But as we all know, the business of app creation can be extremely time sensitive.  I’ve chose ifundwomen to help me reach the goal for KitchIngredients because, not only am I a woman and entrepreneur, I love everything about what this platform represents.  Any excess funds will be put directly toward maintaining and upgrading the app periodically. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this campaign. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of my supporters and backers. I’ve never been more passionate, excited and determined to make something happen.  And with your help, anything is possible!  So you are undeniably appreciated!



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