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Job search and recruit without the guesswork!

70% of embellished resumes waste $ billions per year in employee turnover. Support a no-cost solution that hires right the 1st time!

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Project Description

The kind of resume that gets you hired. . . 
is not a resume.

         The US maintains a broken hiring process responsible for an annual loss averaging over 200 billion dollars in employee turnover! Eighty percent (80%) of which are mis-hires, likely the result of a job market exposed to nearly 70% of embellished resumes today. As this continues to hinder the ability to discover the most qualified candidates; employers are forced to make blind hiring investments often leading to high employee turnover rates, added costs for external services, wasted time, resources, revenue, and more.

     Meanwhile, job seekers are subjected to an extended unemployed status due to the resume’s inability to thoroughly present desired qualifications since its birth in 1482. In response, PR1ME Candidate introduces a revolutionary replacement called ResaPage; an interactive tool customizable to the unique talents of every applicant, and also to the demands of recruiters hiring within any industry.


           ResaPage was built with the flexibility to accommodate a lifetime of experience using video, voice and PDF credentials; ensuring the right hiring selections are quickly made the first time. This patent pending solution validates extensive work history by demonstrating visual performance highlights, recorded references, detailed biographies and so much more is available all on one platform.

We are anxious to welcome you to the new age of effective recruitment and have recently released our BETA version for testing at However, funding to further develop ResaPage complete with features, content and functionality is essential to our goal to maximize the best matched opportunities within the job market.

"By supporting this campaign with any amount, you will indeed contribute to a positive historical shift in the quality of our economy. Thank you in advance for believing in us, as much as we believe in you."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Shavonne Simmons  PR1ME Candidate CEO

ResaPage only scratches the surface of solutions offered by PR1ME Candidate. We've combined a slew of solutions introducing much needed trust and transparency to the hiring process for both job seekers and employers. Below is a detailed list of how PR1ME Candidate has removed the guess work from job search and recruitment to produce the right job offer!






The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is ResaPage free? YES
  • Are donated funds going towards the further development of ResaPage?  YES
  • Is the site unavailable? Not at this time. It is currently being upgraded to a more sophisticated look and functional platform to better support its users.
  • Is there an alternate site? Yes, visitors are automatically forwarded to the associated Blog at
  • What types of funding have been used in the past? I have used only my personal income from various jobs, hustles and more. I've been scammed more times than I care to admit, but most importantly, am trying to avoid recruiting cheap assistance as this often ends with a very unsuccessful attempt.
  • Is PR1ME Candidate LLC seeking investors? YES 
  • Where can one register for a ResaPage? At, click on "Introducing ResaPage" on the left side menu. OR. . .scroll down to "Learn More" under "PR1ME Candidate introduces ResaPage" on the HOME page. 
  • Where can feedback be left regarding the Blog or ResaPage? Any feedback can be left using the form on the Contact Us page by clicking. "How can we help?"



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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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