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ISWIS. Content Collective

Unapologetically Melanated. Perspective Unedited. Content Collective. For us, by us.

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Project Description


I Said What I Said, period (ISWIS.) is more than just a platorm for stories. Born from the desire to be heard at a time when it matters mosts, ISWIS. strives to amplify and honour BIPOC voices and perspectives globally. Enabling those so often forgotten and subdued to shine brightest, ISWIS. is home-base for identifying creatives, thought-provokers and storytellers. As a centralized hub of narratives and perspective, ISWIS. demands the authenticity and truths necessary to fully convey, capture and embody the BIPOC experience, however light or heavy the content. Through these stories, ISWIS. empowers its collabor-

ators to shed light on what it truly means to exist within a BIPOC community - the highs, the lows, the joys and the pain - leading to higher levels of understanding and a sense of connectedness among us all. Whether a witness to or participant of a BIPOC community, IWSIS. readers are empowered to engage, listen, and learn through the stories told. Through said actions, ISWIS. and its community can actively work to minimize the distance and perceived disparities between all communities, decreasing prejudice, bias & cultural assumptions overall.


To create a digital safe space that amplifies BIPOC voices, stories and perspectives direct from the source and undiluted by the distributor, disrupting the blanketed narratives often forced upon and of them.


To globally transform the perception of BIPOC communities via a digital platform that makes space for identifying creatives, thought-provokers and story tellers to share stories of their communities, individuality and culture in it truest form - authentic and uninterrupted.


ISWIS. amplifies, support and rewards BIPOC voices through the publishing of written works that contribute to the diversification of the journalistic world and the narratives within it.


Inclusively exclusive, ISWIS. is a digital platform for the works of all BIPOC identifying individuals whose submissions qualify for publishing. To honour our mission and vision, ISWIS. welcomes the engagement of non-BIPOC individuals in all forms except content submission (i.e. comment, read, learn).


"There will be many instances where you may feel you do not fit in. Some will cause you to recluse in defeat, others will inspire you to say f**k it and create the space you so passionately desire while everyone else figures out how to adjust. ISWIS. is the space maker of 2020. Better make way."

- Tyra Jones-Hurst


Full Proposal 2020


The Campaign FAQs


  • Business registration (ISWIS. Inc.)
  • Website Creation
  • Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Support Team Recruitment & Hires Collaborator Outreach


ISWIS. has confirmed the support and talent to fill the following four (4) roles essential to a successful launch. All parties are industry professionals currently working within the respective field aligned to their designated roles.

ISWIS. founder, Tyra Jones-Hurst, is a marketing professional (7+ years), experienced in launching innovative brands, campaigns and products lending her experience and skill to the success of the collective.

  • Founder & Contributor
  • Chief Editor & Content Manager
  • Social Strategist & Community Manager
  • Accountant/Treasurer

(over a 12 MONTH TERM)

  1. Officially Launch ISWIS. (Labour Day weekend, Sept 7, 2020)
  2. Grow social following to 7,000 minimum on Instagram and 2,000 minimum on Facebook
  3. Attract a global network of creatives who actively seek to collaborate and support the collective through submissions, referrals and recommendations - already sourced and editor from the UK
  4. Secure an official/large sponsor to support collaborator (freelancer) payments, employee stipends & brand amplification/growth
  5. Receive & publish worthy content for repurposing in a limited edition coffee table book, recapping the collective 12 mos. post launch
  6. Lead an efficient team in key roles to build and continue momentum, ensure success & progress tracking.
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