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iKandy Cosmetics, LLC

We provide skincare products that are derived from 100% natural and plant based ingredients. Life has problems, don’t let your skin be one

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iKandy Cosmetics,LLC is like the house of beauty. We help women build confidence and/or maintain confidence. How do we that? Through our products, that are free of artificial preservatives, chemicals and harsh ingredients.


Research and statistics show only about 59% of women are comfortable in their own skin. Now this is due to two things; body image and the appearance of their skin. This means almost half of the women in America are covering their skin with makeup to feel prettier and/or is just in the blind about how to properly care for their skin, so they continue to purchase products that don’t work for them.


Though iKandy Cosmetics,LLC isn’t able to change your body image, we certainly are able to change the appearance of your skin from head to toe! All of our products are derived from natural and plant based ingredients. We make healthy skin possible! About 84% of customers gained more confidence in themselves after purchasing products that helped free them from hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and the list goes on!


iKandy Cosmetics is for women that want to feel good about themselves, women who are ready to step into their next level of confidence through skincare that actually benefits them.


iKandy Cosmetics is an uniquely qualified business! Everything we have learned about skin, we taught ourselves. No money to enroll into college but plenty of time to research and gain knowledge on skin.


I’m raising 15K to fund a building for an office and a warehouse so we can have a proper business workspace. We’re also in need of inventory and shipping supplies. We also plan to have an app for our online store, and to go full force with expanding our business. 

You can receive updates, exclusive offers and discounts by subscribing to our newsletter online for free. We also have launched a really cool coupon book full of deals you’ve never seen before. Thank you for support in helping iKandy Cosmetics,LLC reach our next level. 


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