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Harnessing the wonder material graphene for the production of innovative and environmentally-beneficial products.

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Project Description

My name is Shabnam and I am a student at Macquarie University in Sydney. I have built a company named Hydrocarbon which aims to build revolutionary products out of the wonder material graphene, and technology that aims to respond to issues such as climate change, ocean acidification and the excess of electronic waste in the world.

My aim is to begin by building cheap and efficient water desalination machines that will bring water to the masses, followed by graphene solar panels that have efficiency levels of up to 60%, and eventually laptops and computers that are 1000 times faster and which can store a million times more data. It may seem too good to be true, however, through the incredible atomic properties of graphene, we are certain that the electronics industry will never be the same. Eventually, I aim to build countless other products and devices out of graphene, 
such as water treatment machines, laptops and other devices, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology products, Graphene Electrical Tattoos, solar panels, supercapacitors, and anti-corrosion inks, paints and coatings. Other graphene-based products are highlighted in pages 7-9 of the attached business plan.

Hailed the 'Real Vibranium', I truly believe that graphene will change the world forever and will allow for the production of high-quality technology that will improve the lives of all humanity. Graphene surely will make what was once considered only science-fiction, a reality.

I have already contacted the Australian government regarding the concept of water desalination that could potentially eliminate the need for homes to pay water bills, and have contacted numerous venture capital companies. I soon hope to contact other governments, especially those which already rely heavily upon - mostly expensive and inefficient - water desalination to provide water to their people. Currently, I have been supporting this company through my own expenses, however, I am in need of further funds to expand the company concept into a reality.

Although I am still in the early stages of this start-up, I understand exactly what I need to do. Using any funds or investment, I hope to rent a small office, followed by hiring around 5-10 employees. Following this, I hope to be able to soon finish up and publish the company website and begin the construction of the first graphene water machines. Any profit produced will be used for the research and production of graphene solar panels, computer chips and laptops.

I would be overjoyed if you would kindly consider supporting me on this journey. I am certain of the ability of graphene devices to change our world, and will do everything within my ability to build a better future for all humanity through my company.

Thank you so much.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my money go?

We hope to use any money raised to fund the creation of our website, rent an office space, hire employees, and begin the development of our very first products.

Can I contact the founders for further information?

Of course! The contact details of Hydrocarbon's founder, Shabnam Shafiq, are as follows:

Phone: 0435 857 525



Why should I spend my money on this company? What sets it apart?


Being the first to do something is often the greatest way to attain success. It surprises us that so few companies have never even considered the revolutionary applications of graphene. We have the ability to build incredible products that function far better than anything currently existing in the market. We have countless ideas and highly detailed plans on how to make these ideas a reality. We have the ambition and drive, we now only require funds to get started and begin our process of changing the world into an advanced graphene powerhouse.


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