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Holistic Childcare Services + STEM Preschool

Our preschool nourishes the mind, heart, and body of our children.

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Project Description

Greetings To The iFundWomen Family!

Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School is a family-owned private STEM preschool, operated by Ivbaria Akhabue and Beatrice Akhabue. The dynamic mom-daughter duo named the children’s learning center in honor of Ivbaria’s grandmother, Madam Olive Gumedia Edede.

Our preschool offers exceptional holistic childcare and advanced early childhood educational services for children between the ages of 2 ½ to 6 living in the Tristate area.  Our academy provides hands-on multi-sensory individualized learning experiences in the fields of sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, the arts, nutrition, and mind plus body athletics.

Gumedia Preschool’s core principles include charity, creativity, candor, compassion, and community where children learn who they are, why they are who they are, and how they can become the best versions of who they are.

The school's gourmet kitchen will feed our youngsters, their families, and the community that supports our youth advocacy initiatives.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus has placed many families in a childcare crisis. 

From parents having to take care of their children while working from home, the complete shutdown of schools, to the shortage of high-quality childcare and educational options, no parent is unaffected by COVID19.  However, with the help of the iFundWOMEN platform, your FINANCIAL contribution, and my preschool's immaculate newly licensed 6000 sq ft facility, I want families to know that we are here to serve their children. I want to alleviate the feeling of displacement for families in need of a safe in-person learning center.


"I was so impressed when I walked into Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School in February of this year. It was pristine, organized, and welcoming. I have worked with Ivbaria for over 4 years. She is friendly, engaging, hardworking, and dedicated. Ivbaria puts her all into everything she does whether it's her cooking or teaching."

- Erika Blackley, Preschool Teacher and Mother of 13-year-old, Myles

"I first collaborated with Ivbaria on a delightful snowy day back in January 2020. When I first walked into Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School, I felt a warm welcome and was excited to start cooking up meals for the guests. Through our conversations, I learned more about the preschool and Ivbaria’s mission to tackle childhood obesity and diabetes through community health and education programs. I toured the classrooms and immediately wanted to share my experience with my mom and siblings. I also got to eat Ivbaria’s wholesome cooking and I smiled with every bite.

I hope to continue supporting and working together with Ivbaria and her preschool!"

- Barrington Goldson, Jr., Chemist, Food Photographer, HEARTS Clinic Plant-Based Culinary Instructor at St. Luke's University Health Network, Bethlehem PA


**ALL PROCEEDS will go toward the maintenance of safety, the operations, and the growth of the preschool. THANK YOU!!**


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How will funds be used?

Your financial contributions will support diverse programming, the daily operations of the preschool, safety and health measures, our community outreach efforts, and so much more.

2. Why is Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School different from other childcare centers?

Our preschool gives your child the opportunity to learn independently, discover, laugh, live purposefully, and to be unique. Your child will grow exponentially in a safe and stimulating family environment. We will love and nurture your seedling as though he or she is our own darling child.

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