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SKYLINK SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD goal is to provide quality and affordable home security for low and middle income home owners.

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Project Description

  • Our mission at Skylink Security Systems Ltd is to make new home security technology affordable and accessible in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

  • Due to the high level of crime and home invasions in Trinidad & Tobago most security companies service high income home and business and offering high prices leaving the low and middle income homes and business out mostly because they can no afford security.

  • We have been able to examine the industry in which we will operate and we have analyzed our chances in the industry. We observed that there is an increase in the number of people interested in using security system technology. The demand for company like us is endless. We hope to leverage these opportunities to serve our immediate community and make profits. We will increase our chances of patronage by making our clients satisfied with our unique and outstanding services.

    To this effect, we will employ people who are highly competent and experienced to fill the available positions in the company. We will also ensure our workers understand our vision and are willing to work to see it come to fruition. We will build a good customer service that is welcoming and will listen to queries and complaints and act on them. Our marketing and sales teams will ensure good penetration strategies to win new customers over while ensuring that many existing clients are retained and encouraged to refer more people.

  • SKYLINK SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD is a company that provide monitoring services for a smart alarm system. The product protect properties and those inside it from burglary, home intrusion, fire and other problems like burst pipe and flood. Giving your property a secure perimeter of protection can help you rest easy at night or even while you are away on vacation. With an integrated alarm system, you can easily arm and disarm your home from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are. You can also program your system to take certain actions when an alarm is triggered.

  • SKYLINK SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD is seeking funding to finance the purchase of installation equipment , finance marketing and purchase inventory  

    1. Management Team
  • Skylink Security Systems Ltd is founded and owned by Wynette Smith-Perez. She was a manager in a security monitoring company for over 20 years. She will be the Chief executive officer of Skylink Security Systems Ltd. She will be saddled with the responsibility of making executive and administrative decisions regarding the company's operations and functionality. She is very creative, forward-thinking, and strong hands-on team leaders, highly efficient and results-oriented with exceptional management and organizational skills. She possess exceptional interpersonal skills combined with a proven ability to drive profitability, manage and nurture talent, deliver sales growth, form strategic partnerships, and successfully implement challenging projects. She is an expert in executing team-driven process improvements to increase revenue growth, operational efficiency, and excellent stewardship of revenue. She also has a strong customer service orientation to work effectively with employees and clients. 

  • Our management team will also include:

    Andre Perez – Operations Director

    Musa Martin – I.T Director

    Tricia Harry – Lead Customer Service Officer

  • I will like to take this time to thank all that support my dream of making my community a safe place to live by support my business. 

          Wynette Smith-Perez


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