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Healthy Strands Training Center

Cj Elite Beauty wants to teach you the basics of hair styling, hair growth and how to achieve length with product selection and scalp health

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Project Description

C.J. Elite Beauty Co. was created to inspire woman of all ages to love their hair and embrace the many different textures that we are born with. 

I see it everyday as a hairstylist, women who don’t know what to do with their hair to achieve growth and health. Women who are clueless how to take care of their hair in between salon visits, and woman who don’t know what products work best for their hair type. 

100% of every women could benefit from attending a training to become more educated on their hair. 

C.J. Elite Co. has come up with curriculum to teach hands on classes that will take the student through the process of basic washing, detangling and styling your natural hair. Based off your skill level, trainings will be available for more advanced styling.  

We are seeking funding to purchase a building and to have supplies for the many different training classes. 

Our team consist of licensed cosmetologist, and trichologist who work closely with African American clients. 

Thank you to each any everyone who donates and spreads the word. This opportunity will change and help so many in our community.


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