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Healing and Transformation

Spiritual Healing farm for women of all walks of life who need to be reminded of how wonderfully made, loved and needed they are!

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Project Description

Father’s Daughter

                                                                                      Spiritual Healing Farm

Father's Daughter is a self-sustaining recovery farm for women that will provide a safe and nurturing environment for spiritual growth and renewal. This transitional farming community offers a simpler way of living for all types of women who share like struggles from emotional traumas to addiction to loss. We invite them to come and strip away the past and replace old habits and losses with new ways of living, learning, and loving. They will receive counselling and therapy while staying active working in the garden, tending to the animals , building healthy relationships, setting and accomplishing short and long term goals, reuniting with loved ones and preparing for a Christ enriched life with stronger minds and healthy hearts.


Our farm will consist of:


      • A garden for fresh fruits and vegetables which will provide sustenance as well as an opportunity to generate revenue for maintaining the property.
      • Farm animals will provide farm revenue as well as emotional support and therapy.
      • Physical Education, daily and weekly participation in activities including goat yoga, praise dance, hiking, and meditation.
      • One on one counselling, group counselling, and family counselling at different intervals in progress.
      • Financial and Savings planning and incentives.
      • Volunteer work and fundraising participation during and after graduation as well as continuing care incentives.
      • Food, job, and car/transportation programs and assistance.
      • Food truck-which will incentivize work pay credits when resident have graduated. (This will be an addition to the farm once monthly quotas and goals are met allowing us to maintain a full staff. Funding for this is not included in the initial startup.)










Because the community will house only 3 bungalows, or 8 residents allowing  maximum comfort and security while minimizing distractions, our monthly and annual income for the property will have to come primarily from the fruit and vegetable sales, animal sales, and food truck sales. There will, however, be an acceptance fee and monthly rent applicable. Each resident’s progress will be closely monitored with a minimum stay of 3 months, to a maximum stay of 6 months.


We will begin with Volunteers, as I have already begun reaching out to the community and have had an extremely warm welcome and desire for participation. First fundraiser will be held on the property and I am setting a goal of $5000.


Once I am able to maintain $5000 monthly for 3 months, I will hire 1 other part time person that is not myself. All others will be volunteers.


Once I maintain $10,000 in the bank monthly, I will hire 2 other part time workers, other than myself. All others will be volunteers.


We will reach out to the community for assistance with health and medical insurance for the ladies to receive counselling and medical assistance. All other needs will be provided for solely by the revenue and donations to and of the property.


I am currently sending letters out to the community requesting prayers and financial assistance with start-up, but as of right now, it is all coming out of my pocket.


Our target audience is those who have a desire for a life change and transformation. We will however, remain small and anonymous other than word of mouth for the safety of our residents. We will grow in a strong and safe community that will not only help restore our women to their lives, but make it better and stronger than it once was.


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