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Hands Down & Hands Off OR Hands Up & Cuffs On

Hands Down & Hands Off OR Hands Up & Cuffs On is a campaign to support those who have been victimized by abusive and violent behaviors.

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Project Description

The mission of Hands Down & Hands Off OR Hands Up & Cuffs On is to first become established as a Member Association in the state of New Jersey. We have begun our passionate pursuit of learning the grassroots of an organization comparable to ours by volunteering and training to become crisis advocates with those who provide shelter and resources to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking, after answering calls that are made to the domestic violence national hotline. Our ultimate mission, while becoming a Membership Association is to help educate and empower the voices of men, women, and children, to speak up and out against their verbal, mental, and physical abusers, in our local community, surrounding areas, and overall, in communities worldwide.

The problem we are solving, is the issue of communities full of people who have been forcibly made to feel afraid of a person or a group of people, who are causing verbal, mental, and physical harm. Communities full of people, many who aren't even aware of what it really means and feels like to be loved or may not be ready to accept that love does not hurt. Communities full of people, many who have only known or grown up in environments where he or she has been verbally, mentally, and physically abused by family, friends, or strangers, in personal or professional situations. Communities full of people, we are prepared and fully equipped, experientially, with personal knowledge and professional wisdom, to teach emotional intelligence to.

In New Jersey, there are currently 36 organizations in 28 cities that offer a variety of services to victims of either sexual assault, domestic violence, or human trafficking. ( According to an article by The Press of Atlantic City, approximately 80% of abuse cases go unreported. That 80% represents the opportunity that our project has to help make as much, if not more of a difference than the already established organizations in New Jersey. What our organization knows, from personal experience, is even in cases of extreme abuse, when the situation is domestic, one of the most challenging things to break up is an intimate relationship between two people, especially when children are involved. What our organization accepts, from personal experience, is the fact that many people are unwilling to speak against his or her abuser, even if it will save their lives. That provides a moral and ethical opportunity for our organization to embrace those who are more reluctant to report the abuse they are suffering with, including those who are still suffering after abuse has led to death being the most unfortunate impact and abuser an make. This gives us an opportunity to continue collaborating with these already established organizations, to continue learning what is working, what hasn't worked, and what we can do to work better, together.

Hands Down & Hand Off OR Hands Up & Cuffs On is about education communities to empower themselves, their significant others, children, and families, to have the courage to be the voice that abusers believe they have the power to keep silenced, many while holding those he or she is victimizing against their will, and many until and even beyond death. With the appropriate and organized support, men, women, and children will come to know, there is a right and a wrong way to love someone, while becoming the preventative voice our communities need to do more than just survive and thrive, in a dying world.

We are seeking funding to increase our.visibility as an organization, to purchase the necessary tools for educating those who willingly come to our organization for collaborative support. Additionally, we will utilize your contribution to create, develop, and implement marketing and promotional items that will aid in increasing our visibility within communities and build awareness, with respect to the educational services we will provide, at venues, community events, and through our online community. Our long-term goal will be to obtain an office where we can provide classes and prospectively open a sheltering center.

Thank you for choosing to back us in our campaign to help end assault and violence in every form, for men, women, and children! Your support is more than appreciated and we look forward to correlating our efforts with those who choose to sponsor us!


The Project FAQs

When was this campaign originally created? Hands Down & Hands Off OR Hands Up & Cuffs On was created in October 2015, during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Have I ever been assaulted or experienced abuse? Yes, I am a survivor of gang violence, domestic violence, and workplace violence.

Are we open to speaking engagements? Yes, we are always available to advocate our experience with others, anywhere/anytime. Feel free to contact Nikeeta M. Thomas at or at 609-226-8841 (Please leave a detailed message with your request, suggestions,  event opportunities, and/orconcerns, and we will respond promptly.



Monetary Contribution

Your name, brand, and/or company will be added to marketing and promotional content in support of our project, unless otherwise specified by your name, brand, and/or company.

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Monetary Contribution

Your name, brand, and/or company will be added to marketing and promotional content in support of our project, unless otherwise specified by your name, brand, and/or company.

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