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Building the best raw, non-gmo, plant-based and gluten free dessert company for national wholesale distribution.

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Project Description

Welcome to Gypsy Soul Sweets!

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Matcha White Chocolate Mint

We are building the best raw, plant-based, organic and gluten free dessert company to join the market in years.

At Gypsy Soul Sweets we believe that you are what you eat and in order to be the best, most healthy version of yourself…  you MUST feed your body right.  Luckily when you eat one of our magnificent dessert bars, you will not only be doing right by your body, you will do right by your taste buds too!

Who wouldn’t want to have the option to eat dessert for breakfast?

Well, now you can!  All of our dessert bars are made with carefully sourced fruits, nuts, veggies and superfood ingredients in order to satisfy even the most discerning palate.  We don’t use any refined sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.  Every product at Gypsy Soul Sweets has been created with your health in mind!


Maqui Berry Tangerine and Goji

Our Background


Peanut Butter Maca Cocoa

I have over 20 years experience in the foodservice industry and have been specializing in clean eating and allergen friendly foods for over 6 years now.  Two years ago I went to a yoga teacher training in Sedona, Arizona and as part of our curriculum we learned about Ayurvedic Medicine and how to eat certain foods to enhance your body’s natural healing properties.

Upon returning to California I was placed directly on the path of plant-based cuisine and superfood supplements when I was offered a job as the head chef at an all plant-based restaurant.   It was here that I saw first hand the amazing healing properties of nutrient dense, raw foods and I fell in love.

Since I was a child desserts have always been my favorite to create and to eat, but I only like them if they’re pretty too!  I firmly believe that we eat with our eyes first and so Gypsy Souls Sweets bars and treats are what I like to call “edible art”.   In addition to being the perfect healthy snack, our cheezecake bars are so beautiful you could serve them at your fanciest dinner party.


Our Crowdfunding Goal

This money will help to get Gypsy Souls Sweets up and running at full speed.  Since it is extremely important that we have access to the very best ingredients, having a solid foundation of working capital will allow us to be more conscientiously choosy in our sourcing.  Another big cost associated with our start-up is labeling,  from nutrition labels to the four different certifications (organic, non-gmo, gluten free and vegan) over 10,000 dollars will be spent just to guarantee that our customers will feel safe knowing that what they are buying has been through rigorous quality assurance tests.