FYBS: The New Fashion Forward

FYBS is a Mobile Application and Web Platform that helps the modern Curvy woman discover the hottest in Plus Fashion, Style, and Trends.

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Project Description


 Curvy & Plus Fashion Discovery With The Swipe of a Finger

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What is FYBS?

FYBS is a mobile application that makes the discovery of trending curvy fashion a more inclusive, educational, and fun experience. Our iOS app is the first AI powered Plus Fashion discovery tool in the world, allowing you to browse through apparel from top designers and retailers, curated by our in house fashion analyst and trend watchers. Using our Smart Swipe feature, we learn study your stylistic tastes and preferences, sending more and more personalized content over time.

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Our current mission is to raise funds to build out our web platform so that more women will be able to access the curvy and body positive fashion tips, resources, and community. The FYBS platform provides a one stop shop for everything Curvy and Fabulous. From the curious plus size shopper, to influencers and designers, FYBS provides a place to shop, discover, educate, and learn for the entire community.

We currently partner with over 30 top retailers and designers to make sure our users are able to explore the highest in quality, diversity, and style.

Some of out featured Brands include:

Universal Standard SwimsuitsforAll Monif C Just My Size Full Beauty
Eloquii Forever21 Plus Lane Bryant Nordstroms Asos Curve
Torrid Society+ ModCloth Kiyonna  Carmakoma

How Does the App Work?

  1. Sign in & Create a Profile
  2. Select the Genre of content You’re interested in exploring
  3. Start Discovering! Swipe Right on What You Love
  4. Find Next Perfect Piece


Why Does FYBS Matter?

                                                                       Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.26.29 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.27.15 PM      Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.40.00 PM

67% of women in America are considered ‘Plus Size’ (size 14 and above), but in 2016, only 18% of clothing sold was plus-size.  Even more disturbing, Plus Size women only account for 1-2% of the bodies represented in mainstream media.

Adobe Spark (3)For too long, curvy women have had their personal style dictated by antiquated societal norms, a lack of options, and a seemingly non-existent standard for quality.  It’s time to stand up and #defineyourfybs

FYBS is shattering the mold with its innovative approach to making fashion more inclusive and accessible.

The mission of FYBS is simple: Every woman, regardless of their shape or size, has the right to express themselves through their fashion, style, and creativity. We hope to make that process more enjoyable, fun, and inclusive with our fashion discovery application, as well as with our investment in building, supporting, and spreading the values of the Curvy, Body Positive, and Self Love communities.


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 6.40.32 PM

Lex Henry & Taylor Wallace  

@thealexishenry & @taylorwallace


hatsFounder & CEO

hatsSelf Love Guru

hatsProduct Manager

hatsTechnical Lead

hatsDigital Marketing


hatsCreative Director

hatsBoPo Warrior

hatsIn-House Stylist

hatsBrand Partnerships

hatsPlus Model & Influencer

What We Need:

We need $15,000 to test this new product model and our dual channel approach to Fashion Inclusivity.  After successfully completing the spring cohort with the Newark based business accelerator, Adobe Spark (2)Fownders, we were able to successfully raise $10,000 towards that goal!

 We have uncovered an extreme problem that currently exists in the fashion space. Our first round of customer discovery (Over 260 Customer Interviews!) told us that a ‘mobile first’ approach to Curvy Fashion was a welcomed innovation but also that there still exist a hole when it comes truly tackling the pain point through fashion education and genuine community support. We will build and test whether our new roll out successfully addresses these need, collecting feedback and iterating every step of the way. If we surpass our goal, we can continue on our path to creating a truly unprecedented resources for the women of today. We will expand our team, bring in more collaborators, and continue to build the tribe.

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6k  Technical Innovations to make data collection more efficient and recommendations accurate

4k Marketing (content creation, Marketing Technology, CRM)

2k Curvy & Plus Conference/Expo Collaborations 

2k Live and Digital Community building events and promotions

1k Web Hosting

FYBS is both a product AND a service.

IMG_9833Current Product: The FYBS iOS application is currently live and uses predictive analytics to help Curvy Fashionistas discover the fashion for their body and their style.

Proposed Product: FYBS Web Platform that provides a one stop shop for everything Curvy and Fabulous. From the curious plus size shopper, to influencers and designers, FYBS provides a place to shop, discover, educate, and learn for the entire community.

Proposed Service: The FYBS Web Platform will provide affordable one on one style consultation, as well as app style profile analyses for our up and coming fashionistas

Support Style, Body Positivity, and The New Fashion Forward!  Join the FYBS Movement Today!