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The Elixir

Your urban retreat situated in the heart of New York City.

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Project Description

Re-imagining Community and Co-Working Space in a Post-COVID World: Where Luxury and Inclusion Meet



The Elixir was born out of a desire to create a thoughtfully-designed, plant-centered environment that supports well-being and expansion, as well as a life post-COVID in New York City. Especially with the new wave of permanently remote workers as well as existing entrepreneurs and freelancers, there has never been a better time (or more of a need) for a physical space that is consciously-designed, wellness-centered and community-focused.

Planned to be located in Manhattan, The Elixir is where well-being, culture and community intersect. Rooted in plant-centered design and technology-enabled interiors, the space provides a refreshing, clean and inviting environment for people to come together or enjoy alone.


The Elixir is home to a wellness café, co-working space, self-care shop, and daytime & evening cultural, wellness and social programming to expand the mind, elevate the self and connect the community.




Our mission lies in creating safe spaces - physically, mentally and emotionally. Especially now, with COVID-19, we believe that there is a huge opportunity to re-imagine and innovate the way shared space is designed and maintained.

PHYSICALLY: We believe that both PHYSICAL DESIGN and MAINTENANCE are imperative to creating a safe space. It's no secret that our environments shape the way we think, feel, behave and act. Great design fuels better experiences, but many times aesthetic, highly-functional and well-maintained spaces are reserved for a small percentage of people who can afford or access them. That's why we're on a mission to combine design and technology to create a beautiful, clean, functional and accessible space to commune. More than ever, people in New York City deserve the environment (outside of a small apartment) to work, grow, learn, play, connect, unwind and be well.

MENTALLY & EMOTIONALLY: We are committed to creating a space that is DIVERSE, INCLUSIVE, OPEN and WELCOMING. We believe in the life-giving properties of kind, genuine interactions. To walk into a space that makes you feel seen, heard and valued as you are - no matter who you are, where you come from or what your background is - is both a rarity and necessity in today's world (and especially in New York City - a city that feels even more isolating than usual with a lockdown). Feeling safe to be and express who you are is the catalyst to lasting growth, change and community.


Our mission lies in creating safe spaces. We believe that safe space is the catalyst to high-quality experiences.




  • A beautiful space to work, collaborate, socialize, unwind, dine & host events
  • Wellness café with curated selection of organic, vegan, gluten-free and delicious snacks and beverages to optimize the way you feel
  • Evening cultural programming, interactive workshops, dinner parties, live music and conversations with the community and notable leaders & icons
  • In-depth, intentionally designed wellness programming with New York's leading practitioners to fuel inner growth, transformation and purpose
  • Dialogues spotlighting people of color and underrepresented communities - celebrating diversity and holding space for the hard conversations
  • Conscious parties for a new type of NYC nightlife - nourishing non-alcoholic elixirs, the best in curated playlists, dancing and new connections
  • Urban retreats for the ultimate "getaway" - experience rejuvenation and transformation without flying across the world


Our vision is for The Elixir to be the place you can always turn to for more joy, inspiration and connection in your life.

*Note that images are examples / concepts of an idealized space



We explored many different paths to begin funding The Elixir including traditional funding from VCs and investors. However, we realized these options don't reflect the vision we have for the business. We are building The Elixir because it's our passion, our life's work - we're not building it to scale it and sell it. We believe the power of The Elixir lies with the community so we decided to turn to iFundWomen, a female-only crowdfunding platform, to get the job done. Funds secured through this initial crowdfunding campaign will be used to grow our community as well as design and secure our physical space, the most critical component to making The Elixir a reality.

Additionally, we believe in paying people fairly for the time and energy they put into working with us. From designers to architects to staff members, our people will be the most critical component to truly executing on our mission to innovate the community space. As a minority woman myself, I am committed to hiring the best talent in underrepresented communities. By supporting our campaign, you're not only investing in the future of The Elixir, but in the future of minority artists, creatives and visionaries as well.




The Elixir was founded by Kristen Wang, a wellness entrepreneur with a former life as a CPA and management consultant in the M&A space. She is also a trained Yoga & Meditation Teacher, former Holistic Life Coach and founder of Soul & Well, a platform connecting wellness practitioners to clients and virtual workshop opportunities (you can read about her past work portfolio HERE).

Kristen is passionate about the intersection of wellness, culture, design and community. However, struggling to find a space in New York City that could offer it all, she decided to create her own. She cares deeply about inclusivity within communities as well as the profound impact design & environment can have on the way individuals feel, think and behave. Because of this, she's on a mission to create the most beautiful shared space in New York City that can support this type of conscious community. Kristen is a graduate of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, where she received both her BBA and MAcc.


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