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Dr Locs Campaign

Changing the narrative of people with locs.

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Project Description


  • The mission of my company is change the narrative of people with locs and to provide a dependable line of products people can trust.
  • The problem I am solving is product buildup that gets stuck inside of locs. The products I create are always tested and tested to always deliver the promise that customers will not have product buildup.
  • Although I don't have a number of people in the world with locs, as a stylist for 15 years, I've noticed a huge wave of clients headed in the direction loc'n their hair. What's different is that they won't change from this style. Clients and customers loc their hair and keep them for life. So within my 15 years of service, I've seen a huge shift from perming to "going natural" to loc'n their hair and keeping it that way. So much so that other stylists who do not provide loc'n services have came to me for training because they're looking clientel.
  • Dr Locs is a lifestyle brand. We provide products that the public can trust that will not create buildup in their locs. There were two problems: 1) stereotypes surrounding the loc community that they do not wash their hair and where they are from and how they think. 2) that there wasn't a complete product line that catured to the loc'd community (also commoningly known as the dred loc community. I solve the first problem by providing tons of blog entries online; answering common questions and giving basic and complex knowledge about their hair. I solve the second problem by promising to always manufacture my own products under my own roof and always testing products before selling.
  • I am seeking funding because my business is scaling up tremendously right now. I've recently (as of last week) aquired a 7,200 sqft warehouse for Dr Locs. I plan to use any funding giving towards hiring new employees, hiring an HR agent, and toward Facebook ads so that I can push sales to keep up with my new expenses.
  • On my team I have 3 people who work with me daily: the Operations Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Production Assistant. Outside of the office, I have an Online Brand Manager, and CPA. My goal is to hire 3 new people before Dec 2020. Depending upon funding, I would love to hire more to keep up with production. 


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