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Donate menstruations for low-income girls in Peru

We believe in the power of menstrual health and education to change lives. This Christmas we want to donate 10,000 months of menstruation.

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Project Description

*Para donantes con cuentas en Perú, podemos recibir sus donaciones al Yape +51 991287464 (Juntas Peru SAC) y enviar el comprobante al WhatsApp con el mismo número. Muchas gracias!!

Hi! My name is Majo Tamayo and I am the co-founder of Juntas, a social organization in Peru working to transform the experience of Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) to accompany the healthy growth of girls and teenagers in LatAm. One of our main areas of focus is menstrual health and education and this Christmas we are raising funds to scale our impact through our #PeriodsForGirls campaign. Last year we managed to donate 1,000 months of menstruation to peruvian girls in need and this year we want to accomplish 10,000!

Why is menstrual health and education so important in Peru?

  • Menstrual products cost approximately US$3 per month and many girls cannot afford them. In many cases they use newspapers, pieces of cloth/towels instead. This becomes a risk for their health. (La República, 2018)
  • 54% of Peruvian girls do not know where menstruation comes from and 22% do not identify its co-relation with pregnancies. In Peru, 196 girls between the ages of 11-19 years old get pregnant everyday. (UNICEF 2020)
  • 21% of Peruvian girls identify menstruation as “bad blood”. (UNICEF, 2020)

How does our #PeriodsForGirls annual campaign work?

We donate menstrual packs to girls and teenagers in the lowest income areas of Lima and Cusco. This year we aim to donate menstrual products to cover 10,000 months of menstruation. These packs also include Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) booklets that will enable them to know the basics and have access to our #JuntasHelplines through WhatsApp for further doubts. In previous interventions, we have accomplished to increase girls and teenagers’ knowledge in 60%!

What do the menstrual packs include?

  • Menstrual products: Reusable or disposable according to girls’ needs. Reusable kits will last 5 years and disposable kits will include enough pads to cover 3 months of menstruation.
  • Comprehensive Sex Education booklet: At Juntas we have co-designed with girls and teenagers tools to teach CSE in the LatAm context. Once girls get our booklets they also have access to our expert helplines, where they can solve further doubts.

Thanks to our amazing partners each month of menstruation will cost US$1.5.

Help us bring more menstrual health and education to girls and teenagers in Peru!


The Campaign FAQs

Who will receive donations?

Girls and teenagers from low-income regions of Lima and Cusco in Peru. This will be posible thanks to our partnership with the NGO Flama.

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I want girls to be healthy!

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I want girls to be healthy!

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