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Cleaning Sister's

What makes us different? We provide deep cleanings at standard prices. We have developed a system that will eliminate customer complaints.

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Project Description

  • We strive to change the way cleaning companies work. We provide deep cleanings at standard cleaning prices. We believe no one should pay extra for a cleaning they should already be receiving. We are providing deep cleanings at a price everyone can afford. By keeping our prices low and eliminating the need to pay extra for deep cleanings, we are opening the door for many more people to experience the feeling of a clean and sanitary home. Thus, opening the doors for more jobs in our community. Since the outbreak of COVID the need for professional cleaning companies is greater than ever. People are afraid, therefore they want their space cleaned before and after. Giving us at this moment, a great opportunity to evolve and grow into a productive cleaning company. We provide deep cleanings. Therefore, we clean the location from top to bottom, front to back. We clean under everything and behind as well. We deep clean and sanitize the kitchen and bathroom areas. We use commercial and hospital strength cleaning and sanitation products to ensure our customers safety. We need better equipment, better marketing, hiring employees and pay. Our team consists of the Owner, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Inspectors, Training supervisors, Orientation Coordinator, and the Cleaners. We would like to thank everyone that has and will support us at this time. Your help will help so many in our community with jobs, cleaner homes and offices, and so much more. We thank you again and wish nothing but the best for everyone.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I help fund this business?

We plan to provide more jobs in our community as we grow.

What does your business do?

We have developed a system that will allow all income levels to have their home or office deep cleaned.

and eliminate customer complaints.



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