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Building Against All Odds!

Married female interracial couple on our way to opening up our very first shop in a small rural town in Tennessee.

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Our mission is to help people. Today most people are running on empty. They are stressed out, tired, depressed. People are looking for some peace of mind and we want people to learn about meditation and what can bring them comfort in these hard, trying times. People are confused on the path they need to take In life or they are constantly running around and don't have time to just BE. Our shop is there to not only supply people with the items to bring them some peace of mind, but a place where they can come to eacape from the crazy world. We are located in a small, rural town in Tennessee. What most people don't know about this town is there is more diversity then most would think. We are a metaphysical shop which sells things such as sage, Incense, oils, crystals, Meditation pillows etc. My wife and I have always been into shops like this but unfortunately you have to drive an hour to find a store like this. We want to bring this business to our town. We made a Facebook page and people have been going absolutely crazy about this shop. They can't wait for it to open!!

My wife and I have been struggling for some time now. This has always been an idea and a dream but never had the opportunity to do it until recently. Being as we are a married lesbian couple who is also interracial and we have a 7 year old who has autism as well. So we do have a lot against us. Recently, though, we had a very amazing cafe owner offer us her upstairs with our own parking for 6 months free to get started. We have been hard at work getting everything together. We bought some inventory but have a little ways to go. We find what we can to decorate and my wife even made a beautiful counter out of wood (ask for pictures id you would like to see). We are doing the best we can to make this happen and still trying to pay our personal bills. We have run up short though and we are officially broke. We have our business plan all made up and we are ready to get this shop open.

We are looking to have an opening date of November 23, 2020 and we would love to stick with that date.

Anyone that can help this dream of ours would be greatly appreciated and once this business starts doing amazing we hope to bless someone else the same way we have been blessed.




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