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Books for Babies!

Devine Youth Inc. 's All things books youth book club it will cover all things books, printing, buying, shipping.

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Project Description

Hello! I am known as the go to person for information, People have always called me for resources. My name is Krystal Clinton, owner & founder of Devine youth inc.

I developed Devine Youth Inc to use what I have learned to help others in my community. I have helped find services, information or other resources needed for children with mental health diagnoses, as well as to prevent mental health illnesses in children.

I found it difficult to find support and services for myself and my children when they were young. once I did find services it was difficult to afford them on a single parent income leaving no room for extra curricular activities. Many families in low income communities are facing the same difficulties.

The highest poverty neighborhoods have over twice as many psychiatric hospitalizations then the lowest poverty neighborhoods in New York City.

Devine Youth Inc. Is dedicated to linking youth that have behavioral, emotional and mental health challenges to needed services and financial supports. With this campaign we want to bring books to babies and levy funding our monthly virtual book club. We will purchase books, pay for the shipping and the virtual streaming 


Devine Youth Inc. has Provided an respite outlet to parents.

Provided referral resources for mental health, rent assistance, food pantries, WIC , SNAP and other.

Provided Food packages during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

And offered fun activities for children such as our annual Easter egg hunt.

Through our free programs we reduce stress offer a place for children and their caregivers to spend time with your, offer resources, education and help children and their families offset Financial needs.



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Devine Youth Inc. only help children diagnosed with mental illness? We also focus on prevention of stress and burnout!
  • Do you have programs for adults? We have some programs where caregivers can participate with their children,



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