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Beautify Me By Millini

Chasing My Dream To Pay It Forward!

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Project Description


The company’s owner prides herself on helping others while making them feel and look good. The company was formed as a well-rounded entity that meets all the needs of its clients. The guiding belief is that no client is too far gone to have their natural beauty restored and enhanced. All clients are treated with respect, affection, and equally. The owner spearheads the company off the following principles:

  • Remaining honest in all customer relations and dealings
  • Enforcing credible and trustworthy policies within the business
  • Committing to the dedication of ensuring the brand’s image is faultless
  • Establishing the company as a stable pillar above its competitors 

                          The Problem 

  • The problem Beautify Me By Millini is solving is diversity. Often it's African American hair people shy away from. Beautify Me By Millini wants to continue to educate their employees on all hair types outside of the school setting. The school curriculum doesn't teach textured hair and that's a huge problem in the beauty industry.


                          Our Solution 

 Beautify Me By Millini is solving the problem by continuing to educate our employees where they lack knowledge on how to do all hair types. Beautify Me By Millini's main objective is to make people feel beautiful and boost self-confidence.

​​​​                  Why We Need Your Help

    After 2 years in business, Beautify Me By Millini is ready to take our next step by opening a salon location. We are currently working out of a home basement, and need a bigger space as our clientele has grown. We are now crowdfunding to be able to increase our accessibility and provide jobs for other stylist in the industry. 

 The Company requests a total of $20,000 to use over the course of 24 months. The $20,000 is to be used for the following purposes:  


• To build a salon 

• To have additional capital to cover deposits and other upfront costs 

• To cover needed licenses and inspections according to Nebraska’s Code 

• To cover the needed marketing material for the brand.  

​​                                Owner

  • Millini Jones possesses a series of certifications that makes her overqualified to run the company. She has obtained her Nebraska cosmetology license and acquired 2100 hours of instruction in order to become certified. She has experience in being an onset stylist for proms, photo events, and even wedding and custom wig styles. Millini has kept herself abreast of the latest cosmetology trends so that as she runs her business, her services can adapt to the needs of the times. 
  • Rather it's $5 or $500 I thank you for your support and giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I assure you I will pay it forward!


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20.00 USD
Soothing Intentions Candle

These Candles Are Blessed With Intentions to bring for the manifested desires you have.

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