{atmalogy} – the study of your true self

Cozy cafe with eclectic spaces available for rent! Dedicated to helping our lovely customers {find their true selves}

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Project Description


The journey that the birthing of Atmalogy is my own story of searching for my true self.  I worked in the accounting world and the healthcareworld, and although I was “successful”, something wasn’t right. I knew this life wasn’t the one I wanted, it was only the one I knew, and I left the comfort of a good career to find my true calling. I traveled to Mexico and dove into a month-long yoga teacher training. During55a81b500cccfcc82749ef02_bio3-p-800x600 the training I met other like minded adventurers, people also following their hearts and overcoming their fears. The connections I made on that trip brought me serendipitously to India, a trip that forever changed my life. For a while it was wanderlust; the travel bug had bitten her, and I flowed freely from one place to another…India, Thailand, Vietnam, and other places in Southeast Asia. New experiences — scuba diving, 10 day silent meditation, cuddling with a tiger, connecting with locals –all of it began to shift my perspective in ways that blew my heart open. And in every city, I explored the cafes. The cafes had a pulse, and that pulse was strong and cleansing. I kept a blog during my travels, and wrote once: Cafes for travelers naturally are a community. We are all seeking, and this bonds us. We talk, not of what we do or the weather, but of what we have seen, what we have experienced, who we have met.


The cafes and the connections they created resonated deeply with me. A tiny seed was planted during my travels, and that seed grew and was nurtured until it became Atmalogy.  55a81af00cccfcc82749eef7_bio2Atmalogy is about connection. Real connection. Atmalogy gives you a place to get deeper than the weather, deeper than the jobs we have that don’t define us. It’s a place that welcomes you with open arms, a place that helps you drop the veil and see what really is. Who you really are.


This is not your typical coffee shop. Atmalogy is a place unlike any other in town, and it’s hard to understand the magic of it without experiencing it. It’s a place fueled by love, positivity, coffee, local teas, healthy lunch items, gluten free baked goods, and fresh juices. The food is fresh, healthy, colorful, mouthwatering. The vibe is like a big hug from an old friend, or like slipping on your favorite sweater.

Each room has a different name, Grow, Connect, Inspire, Celebrate, Create, Share, and Discover. The names are prompts, reminders that to be productive, healthy members of society we must constantly renew ourselves, create new things, make new connections, share our passions, and inspire others.5542a12248156c9a05e094a7_create2

Each room, too, is an invitation to shed a layer of yourself, to get closer to your own essence. It makes sense then that Atmalogy means the study of one’s true self.  A place that values artists and gives them a place to meet and share their art. A place that supports community by hosting wellness-based workshops. A place that kindles the fire of the hardworking entrepreneur, the dreamer and the doer combined.


I’ve never been great at asking for help.  But I want this place not only to survive, but to thrive.  And to do so means asking for help.  Owning a physical space on one of the most expensive property areas in Nashville was a daunting undertaking for a first-time entrepreneur, but I dove in with both feet, and the need for and love of this space by this community has been encouraging and heart-warming on a daily basis. 16908522_1830346583900791_5338324627267518464_nWe have grown organically & authentically, but it’s not enough. The issues I am facing that require your help are as follows:
ONE – Unexpected & significant lease-related problems & expenses have significantly increased our operating costs and pose a significant threat to our ability to stay open.
TWO –   The growth here has highlighted the need for a full-time “concierge” devoted to the individuals and groups who use the spaces here and a marketing/outreach position to ensure that even more people know what {atmalogy} is and what we have to offer them.  Being able to dedicate time and resources to these roles will not only ensure the mission of this place continues to be nurtured, but that we grow in a way that sustains our future.