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Our holistic philosophy combines a synergy between traditional organic skin care and modern science

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Our approach is to bridge the gap between the professional beauty industry and natural healing therapies, embracing the fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern skin science. Overall, we aim to provide a complete holistic beauty solution to modern day stresses and ageing that goes far beyond just skin care.

With a long standing passion for making change for the better, I have developed an amazing range of organic bio active botanical skin care products that I hope to bring to life very soon. Our products are designed to cleanse, nourish and help to repair and protect skin against the every-day stresses and pollutants from the environment in which we live.

Our easy to use skin care range have been meticulously crafted and dermatologically tested to give skin results you can see and feel, with every ingredient been specifically chosen for their individual healing and skin enhancing properties.

A bit about me;

At almost 40, single and working many years in professional roles, I found myself facing unemployment due to the unstable industry I was working in. I decided to take the lead and carve out my own future to create the stability and purpose I am longing for.  What once was a hobby has turned into a passion of wanting to create an organic, plant derived skin care line, as an already qualified Holistic Beauty and Wellness Therapist I decided to also undertake study in Organic Cosmetic Forumulation.

I have already spent the last year creating, testing and making my formulations which have had amazing feedback and results. My plan to start with is to be able to sell online worldwide, and eventually create a Skin Therapy Sancutary and Shop combined where a customer can come in and experience, learn and buy our clean beauty products and be able to choose a variety of Holistic Facials to relax and unwind whilst having a skin consultation.

As you can see I have a huge passion for clean beauty and want to further advance on that. I have huge plans for Aesthete Skin Care. To be able to take the company into the next phase I am now needing that assistance. The funds raised will be needed for packaging, advertising, marketing, and lease of a workspace to do this from.

I would love to be able to thank all who back me on this amazing project for change and clean beauty by creating a thank you page where I would give you advertising space with your company logo and general thanks to those wanting to be acknowledged and interested in following this exciting journey. Of course this will include an extremely generous discount for future purchases for a year and a thank you goodie bag for those interested.

Our goal is for $30,000 but is also flexible just to get this off the ground anything will help and be much appreciated.


The Project FAQs

Persistence Maket Research provided information that has shown that with the year-on-year growth in organic beauty, the global market should be worth just under $22bn by 2024. Those figures suggest approximate growth of 8-10% per year. The current natural and organic beauty market is estimated to reach the value of US$ 11,057.1 Mn in 2016, which means that analysts expects the market’s value to double in the next 8 years.

The growth of the global natural and organic personal care product market is driven by factors such as the expansion of distribution channels, increasing online customer reach, and modern retailers’ shift towards offering premium personal care products on shelves. Also, new product development, advertisements, and increasing spending capacity of consumers on premium products are primary factors driving overall growth of the global natural and organic personal care products market.

Skincare maintains the top billing in the global organic beauty market, and is expected to emerge the most attractive segment with 30.9% share by 2024, followed by haircare. This means that natural and organic skincare will form close to one-third of the total global organic beauty market.

The growth of the skincare products segment in the global natural and organic skin care products market is driven primarily by increasing demand for clean label products, coupled with increasing number of health conscious consumers globally.

Owing to increasing popularity and consumer preference towards online retail channel for purchasing cosmetics and hair care products, the global market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

I do not for-see any challanges other than the initial start up costs to get my brand to the standard I am wanting it too be due to the potential and growth I know it will deliver compared to other brands out on the market.

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