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The Hair Fuel – All Natural Vegan Hair Growth Kit

Reward: Monetary Contribution

You might already have great hair, or you might not – but you feel like you want to support The Hair Fuel grow. Whether it's $1 or $1,000 – we are grateful for your support!

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
Reward: Public social media love

Whether you're a person or a business – we will praise and send you social media love and shout out!

We can also include your picture with that – just let us know in comments!

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Gender-neutral shampoo bar

BarOne is locally sourced and produced in the Netherlands shampoo bar. Hand-picked, hand-made to bring you this soap-free hair care solution.

Note: people with thinner hair might need to follow an apple-cider vinegar rinse after using the bar!

Shipping: Shipped from The Netherlands at the end of the campaign! 

Please provide your full address in comments field!

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Reward: Thank you card with your own portrait

Ever wondered how you'd look like, but in a portrait? For this reward you get your own portrait sketch with a thank you note for backing our campaign!

Shipped from The Netherlands, at the end of the campaign!

All locations.
All import duties (if any) to be paid by the customer-backer.

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Reward: Shout out+Shampoo bar+Hand drawn Sketch

Get social media love from us + gender-neutral BarOne shampoo bar + hand drawn sketch of yourself – to thank you for your support!

All locations.
You will be asked for a photo of yourself to make the sketch from and the social media handle for us to tag you. If you want us to include a photo on our social media – let us know in comments and that will be arranged!
All import duties (if any) are paid by the customer / backer.

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Reward: LIMITED: 3 months at 30% OFF +free ship

Are you spending summer wistfully looking at other people's gorgeous hair? Sigh no more. We already have a small batch of 50 boxes of 3 month subscription bundles, produced and ready to ship to you.

FREE EARLY SHIPPING from the UK to worldwide during the campaign! This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer ONLY available through crowdfunding. 30% OFF. Simple. 

Early shipping. UK, Europe and USA.

All import duties are to be paid by the customer / backer.

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Reward: Full throttle 3 months of The Hair Fuel

Get 3 months subscription of The Hair Fuel at 15% OFF. Simple!

Shipping from the UK to worldwide, at the end of the campaign.

UK, Europe, USA shipping.
All import duties are to be paid by the customer / backer.

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Reward: LAST WEEK SPECIAL: The Hair Fuel +extras

To signify and celebrate our LAST week of crowdfunding – we created a special “Last Week” bundle at $111 / €99 – which includes 3 months of The Hair Fuel + social media shoutout (IG story & post) + hand drawn portrait sketch of you!

UK, Europe, US
Please provide your full shipping address in comments field

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Reward: Full throttle 6 months of The Hair Fuel

Get a HALF A YEAR of The Hair Fuel at 15% OFF with FREE SHIPPING – crowdfunding only.

Shipping from the UK to worldwide.

First 5 backers get early shipping in September 2019!

Shipping to UK, Europe, USA.
All import duties are to be paid by the customer / backer.

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Reward: Name a character +3 months The Hair Fuel

Every month we send out customer journey cards with a cartoon character which tells them about what to expect in that month. So far we had Dina and Maureen welcoming our customers to their Month 2 and Month 3 boxes. Would you like to name one of the characters for Months 4-12?

Included: 3 months subscription package of The Hair Fuel with FREE SHIPPING

Shipping: UK, Europe, USA

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Reward: Full throttle 12 month of The Hair Fuel

Get a FULL YEAR of The Hair Fuel at 15% OFF with FREE SHIPPING – crowdfunding only.

Shipping from the UK to worldwide. First 5 backers get early shipping in September 2019!

UK, Europe, USA.
All import duties (if any) are paid by the customer / backer.

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Reward: Ask our Founder ANYTHING for THREE HOURS

Do you have a business idea? Do you want to have someone to talk to and help you find a way through a complex jungle of launching a business? How about you want to talk about your anxieties and fears around it? 

With this package you get THREE one hour one-on-one calls with our Founder to bounce-off your ideas, walk through your business plan, challenges, and lofty dreams – ranging on how to approach marketing, product design, logistics to launch. I will also be in your corner when you start thinking branding and customer messaging.

Note: No product is included, please make an additional pledge for a product separately to be considered for this bundle.

No product included. Skype for anywhere in the world, face-to-face is possible in either Amsterdam or London locations.

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Reward: Self-love spa + 3 months The Hair Fuel

Treat yourself with love, kindness and care you deserve. Get bespoke full body & facial treatments at luxurious, yet rustic Cowshed spas around the world in selected locations to treat yourself like the divine being you are. Available in London, Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Istanbul and Miami locations.

Note: 3 months subscription package of The Hair Fuel. 

UK, Europe, USA shipping. Specific spa locations only.
All import duties (if any) are paid by the customer-backer.

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Reward: Investment fuel

Global hair care market is projected to reach €87bn by 2023, of which hair loss treatments is projected to reach €821m. European market (which is where The Hair Fuel is based) is expected to take at least €212m of that in less than 5 years. If you want a piece of that pie, get on board with this reward.

Note: no product packages included in this bundle, please purchase a separate bundle for the product if you wish to receive the product.

With this package, you purchase your exclusive invite to our Family & Friends seed round as we are looking to grow and raise investment in the near future. You can check out consumer trials data, astonishing customer approval rating, customer feedback and hair growth results to see if it’s a hefty return you want to participate in.

Purchasing this bundle does not gurrrantee your place at the investor table, however we will be sending out investor-only detailed data to our backers via this package on our performance and progress and when raising investment in a few months, you will receive your exclusive invite to be considered but not guaranteed for a seat at our investors and advisory board table.

CLARIFICATION ADDED: Please note that this does not constitute investment / equity in the company, separate specified investment funding will be required should you pass our due diligence. One invite per person. You are NOT purchasing equity by backing this reward. If in doubt, please get in touch with us as otherwise it is a waste of your money and our time.

No product is included. Please purchase a separate bundle.

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Thank You For Supporting!

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