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Felicidad Hair Sugar “You’ve Got Scrub to Grow!

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Reward: Decadence INdulgence Hair Sugar & Cake

Decadence INdulgence Felicidad Hair Sugar paired with Marissa's Kitchen's decadently indulgent slice of chocolate cake to help you receive the indulgence and inspiration you deserve.

Ships domestic U.S.- Cake will be in a tin or clear plastic jar - full edible. Shipping via UPS ground.

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Reward: Coconut Lemon Cake & Cake

Felicidad Hair Sugar's The Original Coconut Lemon Cake Hair Sugar paired with a slice of our Chef Marissa's iced lemon cake to have the sweetness flow through you from your head to your shoes.


Use the hair sugar by the heaping tsp or tbsp alongside a natural conditioner-(if you are still a shampoo user- by all means if you are not ready to quit it- shampoo, then cowash and scrub) Wet your scalp and hair and apply the conditioner- then swoop your fingers into the remaining conditioner and sugar- reaching to the top of your head into your scalp massage the sugar granules until they dissolve and do this in all areas of your scalp. The sugar will volumize the conditioner, clarify and moisturize your hair strands and make your hair softer and stronger and an easy canvas for styling products to work better. 

You will notice the difference the first time and every time you use this amazing blend. Your scalp will feel cleaner than ever and you'll be uplifted from the aromatherapy for several hours after. Now enjoy your coconut lemon cake the cake if you didn't already delight in it before your wash! 

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Reward: “Four” The whole family

Family four pack of Felicidad Hair Sugar for the entire family and all off your needs.

Smells so good you wish you could eat it! But don't, it's a scalp and hair treat! 

Decadently INdulgent from your head to your feet....

To LOVE WHO YOU ARE! Happiness Happiness in a jar... like an island breeze and 

Osaze the healing way - for men and the women who love them!

All blends in 4 oz jars and ready for you to use as soon as you choose.

Shipped in one box via USPS or UPS domestic US in 4 (4oz) jars.

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Reward: Sugar, it's only the Beginning....

Sugar, it’s only the beginning so now you can also

Humility Hair Grow
Have a one-on-one training session with our Owner and Founder Ahava Felicidad, creator, natural hair holistic practitioner, distributor, educator, stylist, and more...
Receive an hour full of consulting via phone or in person. You will leave your session informed, inspired, and confident about your choice in a chemical free lifestyle. 4oz Humility Hair Grow product will be shipped- included with the consultation.

Shipping via USPS priority mail or UPS Ground. 4 oz product. Domestic US
Consults with require time to reserve and fulfill so we are making this one fulfill by April 2019.

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Reward: Empower your shower!

Empower your shower!

Coconut Lemon Cake The Black Soap Experience. A lavishingly rich handcrafted black soap blend highlighted with lemon and lemongrass essential oil, cinnamon powder and empowerment. The perfect start to your day or uplift your night.


Use in your scalp, on your hair and on your body in 1 ounce squirts and pours. Lather up, let it st a bit and rinse. If using it for your scalp and hair, proceed with conditioner and Felicidad Hair Sugar.

Ships via USPS or UPS domestic US. Confirmations on email from copied to

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