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Menärchē: the establishment of menstruation

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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Reward: {Mindful} Period Journal Download

Receive an email with a digital journal just for your period. Using a journal to track your period is a healthy tool for self care and a way to learn your body.


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Reward: {Flow} Shopping Credit

This reward comes back to you to support your cycle care.

Spend just $50 and get a $60 gift card to use in the store or on our website.

+ Receive the digital period journal to track and learn more about your menstrual flow.

Gift card will be sent via email!

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Reward: {Affirmation} Social Shout Out

We will affirm your support with a shoutout on our Instagram and/or LinkedIn page for contributing to the campaign!

We will tag you + your brand if you'd like! Tell us a lil something about yourself or why you contributed, and we'll share that message in the caption. 

This reward will also include:

  • The Period Journal (digital download)
  • $25 giftcard to shop online or in store after launch

You will be contacted via email with all of the details and a form to complete, to receive the full reward.

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Reward: {Empower} Talk About Your Period

Menärchē supports it’s community with a directory of reproductive health experts for seeking information on menstruation. Consult with a Period Doula, Educator, or Hormone Expert. * (1) 30 minute virtual or phone call to discuss your menstrual health.

Also you'll receive:

  • The Period Journal
  • $25 gift card

You'll receive an email with details including a health and goals form, your digital journal, and a scheduling link.

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Reward: Menärchē Bundle

Eliminate period shame in style with our custom shopping tote. The tote will include a vagina friendly period product, a custom enamel pin, and a thank you card. You’ll also get a $30 gift card and the digital period journal, I mean, it’s amazing!

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: {Community} Membership

Be one of our first members of our community!

This rewards includes:

  •  An invitation to our launch event (virtual + in-person)
  • Exclusive Menärchē Self-Care Box curated for having a better period (valued at $250) *This includes our Menarche tote and all of the goodies in the bundle!
  • A virtual consultation with a reproductive health worker (Doula, Hormone Expert, or Educator).
  • Early access to our newsletter and private Meta community launching Spring 2023, early bird OR complimentary access to events for one year!
  • The Period Journal Download
  • $30 giftcard

For U.S. based Backers Only. Full details will be emailed.

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Reward: {Founding} Vendor

For brands that align with our mission and want to be a part of our growth! A great opportunity for a new, early-stage beauty or wellness brand to be a founding vendor of the marketplace.

  • Priority shelf space for your product in the shop for 2 months!
  • Founding Community Member Package ($500)
  • 2 Tickets to launch party.


Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: {Pop-Up} at Menärchē


Host a pop-up for your brand at Menärchē! We’ll have a female DJ, small bites, and spotlight for your products in the shop! This is for companies that align with our mission and want to partner by introducing their brand and collection of vagina friendly products to our community.

  • Female DJ, small bites to celebrate for 4 hours!
  • Prime signage + shelf space for your product in the shop for 3 months!
  • Founding Member Package ($500 value)
  • (4)Tickets to our launch party
  • (3) $50 gift cards for a giveaway!
Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Thank You For Supporting!

You rock for supporting this entrepreneur's project! Please note that iFundWomen does not guarantee projects, or investigate an entrepreneur's ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the campaign creator to complete their project as promised, and deliver their rewards in a timely manner.