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Girltelligence - a girl empowerment app

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Love our mission of girl empowerment and want to support us? Thank you so much! 

You will get a special thank you email from our founder, and the priceless knowledge that you helped support teen girls and young women all over the world! 

We really appreciate it. 


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Reward: Girltelligence merch pack

At least five of our most popular stickers and an exclusive no-touch tool!


Our super-cute golden Girltelligence no-touch tool is perfect for keeping you safe from germy surfaces. Even post-COVID, who wants to touch the public bathroom door? Not us. It also makes a really cute key chain that'll make it easy to find the keys in your purse. Comes embossed with a little heart and "Girltelligence." 

PLUS -  at least 5 stickers. You can use them yourself and share them with friends.  

Stickers include the exclusive "Nothing scares the patriarchy like  empowered women" sticker. We are doing everything we possibly can to empower as many young women as we can because we want to scare the patriarchy away to create an equal and safe society for all. 

Also includes our “This is what a doctor looks like” sticker. As a young physician, our founder spent roughly 15% of her time explaining to staff and patients that yes, she is in fact a real doctor. This was the inspiration for this sticker, which is dedicated to all the women physicians out there and all our PhD friends - we are all doctors. 

Plus at least 3 more surprise Girltelligence stickers. We create new ones all the time. They are all awesome. 

High-quality stickers that look great on water bottles, laptops, phones, notebooks. 


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Reward: Scare the patriarchy T-shirt


Join us in fighting the patriarchy with this empowering T shirt.  

It says: "Nothing Scares the Patriarchy like an empowered woman"

The patriarchy is terrified of empowered women because gender equality will be the end of it. This will be great news for all genders! That is why we are doing everything we possibly can to empower as many young women as possible and create an equal and safe society for all. Comes in S-XXXL

A favorite design with our advisory board. 

Ladies' 5 oz. HD Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt by Fruit of the Loom. 100% cotton preshrunk jersey; high-density fabric. Slightly contoured for a flattering fit.


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Reward: Meet the founder!


Meet our founder on Zoom! 

Our founder is an MD, former Stanford brain researcher, a startup founder, and a mom of 3. She's also super nice.

You can chat with her about her career, Girltelligence, being a woman in STEM, life, anything! This would make a great gift for yourself or for the young woman in your life.

You will get an email to schedule a time that works for you. 

You will receive an email to schedule a time to meet

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Thank You For Supporting!

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