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Sweet Potato House - Cafe & Studio Garden

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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Reward: Kids' Art Card + Thanks!

Thank you so much!

A handwritten note in gratitude on a kid-friendly art print postcard will be placed in the mail for you!

Please don’t forget to send your address!

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Kitchen Garden Explorers COMIC Storybook

A short comic book for K-3 Readers introducing the Kitchen Garden Explorers, a group of 3 friends from the same neighborhood whose Grandmothers grow food and cook meals from three different heritages: Soul Food, Southern Chinese and Native American.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: All Episodes + Starter-Pack Box + Comic!

All previous gifts +

Receive a Starter-Pack Box with a small Flower Pot, Soil, Trowel and Seeds + All Episodes for the year streamed and/or delivered to you for download and continuous use! 

Thank you so much!

USA Only for now (Sorry!) $14.99 Shipping

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Reward: A Slice of Pie and a Cup of Tea with Me!

All Previous gifts (of course!) +

Come have a cup of tea or coffee with me and a slice of my Sweet Potato Pie when my kitchen, studio, garden and greenhouse are finally ready!!! 

And of course a mini-tour is in order! (Do you like t-shirts? :D)

Here's to Hope and your support helps me get there.


100 Left
Reward: Your Name in our Stone Garden!

All previous gifts +

I hope to see the most beautiful Garden Stone Path, and as our sponsor, you will receive all of the above gifts + your name inscribed on a stone in our garden + a photo of it posted on our Instagram and other social media at RealSweetPotatoPie

Thank you!


1000 Left
Reward: All gifts+ Gallery Sponsor!

All gifts +

You become an Official Sponsor of the development of an Interactive Online Gallery for kids to share their progress and develop confidence and pride in their learning and skills.

Your name will be displayed as a Gallery Sponsor, and you will also receive 10 Starter-Pack Boxes to distribute in a way you consider to be impactful.

Thank you for your sponsorship!

Please send your address for shipping. No extra charge.

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Reward: All gifts+ Corporate & Community Sponsor

Thank you for showing support for our efforts! 

All gifts +

Your company or family name and logo will be acknowledged on all promotional materials and in social media in gratitude!

You will also receive 20 Starter-Pack Boxes in addition to all of the above gifts, to distribute as you feel will make the greatest impact.

You will also be invited to visit our Garden and have tea and a slice of Sweet Potato Pie, once social distancing is no longer an issue.

Thank you so much for your support!

Please send your address! Shipping is included. No extra charge.

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Reward: Angel Club

I am awed by your belief and generosity!

All the above rewards are yours PLUS

- your choice of 5-20 freshly-made pies per month for re-sale or for personal use for the next decade or so

- Private invitation to special occasions and tours in any of our gardens or cafe bistro spaces

- a 30-minute to one-hour documentary featuring one aspect of Sweet Potato Pie folklore, making, or small space gardening that you request

- Lifetime Sponsor Honors

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Thank You For Supporting!

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