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Vicky Cakes: America's Best Pancakes

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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Reward: Handwritten Thank You Note from Founders

Receive a personalized thank you note from the owners and co-founders of Vicky Cakes! Keep it in your scrapbook because it may be worth lots of money one day!

Thank you notes will be mailed one week after the campaign has ended.

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Reward: One Month Subscription Box

Be the one of the first recipients of the Vicky Cakes "Breakfast Club" subscription box!

This box will include our signature pancake and waffle mixes, our syrup and a surprise item to compliment your breakfast even more!

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Name on Vicky Cakes Funder Wall

You'll be ingrained in history forever with your name on our flagship locations "Funders Wall" as a sign of appreciation and thanks to you for funding the future of Vicky Cakes!

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Personal Thank you video

We will let the world know that you were a part of history! We will personally create a thank you video that you can share with family, friends and total strangers! We will also produce a video collage of all funders who choose this reward and post it on our website and social media platform as an official close out and thanks for contributing to our campaign!

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Reward: 1-Hour Branding & Strategy Call

Talk all things business, branding, marketing and strategy with the brains behind America's Best Pancake and Waffle Mix. Between Co-founders Cortney and Christian there is 12 years of top industry knowledge that you can pick their brains on and get a plan to execute the best business plan to success!

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Reward: 1 Year Supply of Vicky Cakes

Never run out of America's Best Pancakes again! We will keep the Vicky Cakes pancakes and syrup in rotation at your families table for the rest of 2021! You don't have to lift a finger to order just meet us at the mailbox!


Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Super Funder takes ALL

Get every single reward!

-Handwritten Thank You Note

-Subscription Box

-Name on Funder Wall

-Personal Thank You Video

-Strategy/Branding Strategy Consultation

-1 Year Supply of Vicky Cakes


Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Thank You For Supporting!

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