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The Chocolate Mindfulness App

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Receive the Self-Care Makeover Guide, when you give the dollar amount of your choosing.  Make sure to include your email address for this gorgeous PDF, because Self-Care is a Necessity!

Include your email for this gorgeous PDF to be delivered directly to you.

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Reward: One in a Million

Get the MYRetreat App as soon as it launches, that's 50% off.

A complimentary code will be emailed to you.

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Reward: This Is How We Woosah!

The MYRetreat App plus a shout-out on MYRetreat's Social Media, thanking you for contributing with a picture of how you Woosah (aka relax). 

Email the photo of how you Woosah to

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Reward: Pay It Forward

Everything above, plus sponsor an organization of your choice to receive a Chocolate Mindfulness Self-Care Package for 10 employees. 

MYRetreat will ship this perk to the organization of your choice.

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Reward: MYRetreat Gift Certificate

Receive the MYRetreat App, plus a $45 MYRetreat gift certificate redeemable for one of our virtual retreats. 

MYRetreat App and Gift Certificate will be sent via email.

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Reward: BFF Package

Receive two MYRetreat App codes, and two MYRetreat Gift Certificates, to share with your best friend.  

Perks sent via email. Photo of Melissa & Best Friend Keri (Co-Founder of Santiago Creatives not included ;)

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Reward: Seasonal Retreat

Receive the MYRetreat App, plus four gift certificates to be used at retreats aligned with the seasons.  Includes a box of chocolates from a black owned chocolatier business.  This one's for all you chocolate lovers out there!

MYRetreat App and Gift Certificates sent via email. Chocolates to your address. Include email and address.

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Reward: Your Tribe

Receive 8 codes to the MYRetreat App, plus a private 90 minute virtual retreat with up to 8 people in your tribe.  

MYRetreat App sent via email. Private retreat offered via Zoom.

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Reward: Corporate Chocolate Mindfulness Retreat

Receive 15 MYRetreat App codes, plus a custom 45 minute retreat with up to 15 employees, including Chocolate Mindfulness Self-Care Packages for everyone.  

15 MYRetreat App codes sent via email. MYRetreat Corporate Chocolate Mindfulness Retreat via Zoom.

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Reward: Limited Edition Self-Care Package

Receive the MYRetreat App, access to MYRetreat for one year, including the limited edition Self-Care Package featuring the Sterling Silver MYRetreat bracelet.  

MYRetreat App codes sent via email. Limited Edition MYRetreat by Melissa Self-Care Package sent via mail to your address.

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Reward: Grand Chocolate Mindfulness Reward

Receive the MYRetreat App, plus one year access to MYRetreat, including monthly chocolate subscription, with custom chocolate mindfulness video on your birthday!

Include your email and address to receive this grand reward.

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Reward: National Mindfulness Day

The MYRetreat App, plus a $45 MYRetreat Gift Certificate redeemable for one of our virtual retreats, and "The Routes We Follow" Puzzle, by Apostrophe Puzzles.

This puzzle will be sent to the address you provide.

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Thank You For Supporting!

You rock for supporting this entrepreneur's project! Please note that iFundWomen does not guarantee projects, or investigate an entrepreneur's ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the campaign creator to complete their project as promised, and deliver their rewards in a timely manner.