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Granada hills, CA

Uplift Us Marketplace

A retail store that celebrates black culture by dedicating 100% of their shelf space to black owned businesses.

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Business Services
Social Good
Minneapolis, MN

MAIA Community

The 1st Free Access Women-Owned Business Directory in the United States

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Social Good
Newton, MA

Naan Americans

Empowering passionate home cooks or aspiring chefs to host global culinary experiences from their home kitchens for locals.

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Social Good
Newark, NJ

Ms. Blind Diva Pageant

Giving the gift of empowering assistive technology to our vision impaired & Ms. Blind Diva Pageant contestants

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Social Good
St. George, Utah

See Your Strength

See Your Strength Mirror Decals™ are made from a special material that is exclusive for mirrors to help prevent suicide

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Health + Science
Social Good