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How to handle feedback as a Founder





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February 22, 2021 • 12PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

We’ve been there. Being a Startup Founder can be a very lonely and isolating experience, especially for solopreneurs. That’s why, every month, we have created a safe space to let it all hang out, and gain support from one another. No investors, no judgments. This week's topic is all about feedback!

It isn’t just subordinates who need to get used to handling negative feedback. For startup heads who’ve founded a company and later face the challenge of managing a growing team, feedback or criticism can feel downright wounding. It often takes a willful, strong-headed leader who’s deeply committed to her idea to get a new company off the ground. So how do you respond to inevitable feedback from cofounders, investors, customers, and fellow team members? Join this session with IFundWomen Startup Coach, Ashley Olafsen, to talk about how to receive feedback, synthesize your thoughts, and address it appropriately if needed. 


About the coach

Ashley Olafsen is a 2 time published author, TEDx speaker, and social entrepreneur who is passionate about building inspiring businesses. 

Ashley accidentally became an entrepreneur at the age of 16, when she gave an empowerment workshop to a group of 8th grade girls. After realizing her passion for helping others, Ashley co-founded MOVE, LLC, through which she has directed over 100 workshops and 6 week-long summer programs for teenage girls, focusing on self-esteem, body image, leadership, and more.  

During college, Ashley created an online video series focusing on the same topics, for students. The 10-part online workshop series, titled ‘Let’s Talk About It: The Workshop Series For Students’ is implemented in wellness and guidance curricula all over New England. She won $36k in funding for her venture. After graduating college, Ashley founded Visionaria Consulting, and supported small businesses with her consulting services. Today, Ashley is a StartUp Coach at IFundWomen.Ashley has been featured in Forbes, is a 2019 VS PINK GRL PWR Project winner as sponsored by Victoria’s Secret, and Vital Voices fellow.

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