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IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year 2021

IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year (IFWEOY21) is our biggest funding program yet that rewards and celebrates extraordinary women entrepreneurs who have proven product-market fit, driven growth, and demonstrated a meaningful impact through their businesses. Our 2021 application is now closed. RSVP today to attend our semifinalist pitch competitions in each business category.


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IFundWomen will be awarding one (1) grand prize winner with a $100,000 equity investment. Yes, IFundWomen will be on your cap table! In addition, hundreds of thousands of dollars in monetary grants and coaching scholarships will be deployed to category honorees and runners-up. You will get a ton of recognition as the best and brightest of 2021 through press and social coverage. 


This IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year, we are excited to offer high quality educational programming to both applicants and the women-owned business community at large. Our pre-recorded workshops are typically only available to IFundWomen Coaching members so make sure to take advantage.

• The IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding eCourse: IFundWomen is widely recognized as the crowdfunding industry leader for women founders and creators. The reason why IFundWomen is fundamentally different from other platforms is because of our proprietary coaching program, The IFundWomen Method, which, when utilized, drives a 27x higher raise than the crowdfunding industry average. Watch now

• Startup metrics that matter: In your IFWEOY21 application, you’ll be asked about your key growth metrics of revenue, customer, web traffic, and social audience. Join this workshop where IFundWomen Senior Product Manager Maya Brooks will give you an overview of tracking platforms and teach you how to calculate these important metrics. Regardless of IFWEOY21, you should always be keeping an eye on these stats for your business! Watch now

• Business pitch bootcamp: A clearly articulated pitch is the first stop on your startup journey—and is also a key component of your IFWEOY21 application! Join this 90-minute intensive bootcamp where IFundWomen top business pitch coach Alex Brockelman will school you on the formula for a winning pitch, allow you to practice, and more! Watch now

• The art of the sizzle reel: A high-quality marketing video that tells the story of your business is critical to your business success—and an important part of your IFWEOY21 application. Join IFundWomen Creative Producer Stephen McFadden to learn insider tips and tricks that will help you put your best foot forward in your application video. Watch now


In October 2021, a group of semifinalists will have the opportunity to present their business during a multi-day live pitch summit in hopes of solidifying their spot as an IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year Honoree.


On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, November 19, 2021, we will host a celebratory event that recognizes women entrepreneurs who demonstrate exceptional innovation, impact, and growth. Over $100,000 in prizing and coaching memberships will be awarded to the IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year and selected Honorees.

Meet the Semifinalists

Art, Media & Entertainment
Social Good
Health & Wellness
Food & Beverage
Business Services

The IFWEOY21 pitch competitions

This IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year, qualified applicants will take the next steps in this program by participating in a category-specific virtual pitch competition before a panel of expert judges. Check out the line up below and stay tuned to RSVP!

Art, Media, Entertainment & Social Good


Featured judges include:
     •  Kalilah Wright, Founder & CEO, Mess in a Bottle
     •  Matt Story, VP, Global Brand Partnerships & Advocacy, Visa
     •  Melissa Mash, Co-founder & CEO, Dagne Dover
     •  Dee Poku, Founder & CEO, The Wie Suite

Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage


Featured judges include:
     •  Alexandra Fine, Co-founder & CEO, Dame Products
     •  Shontay Lundy, Creator & Founder, Black Girl Sunscreen
     •  Anjali Kumar, Founder, Slightly Reserved
     •  Hannah Bronfman, Author, Founder of HBFIT and Investor



Featured judges include:
     •  Heidi Zak, Founder & CEO, Thirdlove
     •  Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder & CEO, Lively
     •  Janell Stephens, CEO, Camille Rose LLC
     •  Sallie Krawcheck, Co-founder & CEO, Ellevest

Business Services & STEM


Featured judges include:
     •  Brit Morin, Founder of Offline Ventures, Brit + Co and Selfmade
     •  Leigh-Ann Buchanan, President, aīre ventures
     •  Eric Ries, Founder & CEO, Long Term Stock Exchange

Featured Judges




Join The Network, IFundWomen’s Slack community of entrepreneurs where you can engage in customer discovery, find a co-founder, uncover press leads, and speak directly to the IFundWomen team of startup coaches throughout the application window process. The Network is a safe space to collaborate, commiserate, and celebrate with fellow women founders.

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Have a question about the IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year program that is not answered below? Send an email to and we’ll get it sorted out.

What is IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year?

IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year (IFWEOY21) is our biggest funding program yet that rewards and celebrates extraordinary women-owned businesses who have proven product-market fit, driven growth, and demonstrated a meaningful impact through their businesses.

What if my business doesn't fit into one of the eight business categories?

Pick the one that feels most like your business. Feel free to add a note explaining in one of the essay questions that follow in the application

Can I see the application questions before applying?

Yes, you can view all the application questions in advance here.

What is the grand prize for IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year 2021?

The IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 grand prize winner will receive a $100,000 equity investment.

What is an equity investment?

An equity investment is when an individual or a company invests money into a private or a public company to become a shareholder. In this case, IFundWomen, inc. will make a $100,000 investment into the grand prize winner’s company. 

What is the value of my company and how much are the shares worth to IFundWomen?

The value of your company can depend on a number of factors, like: 

  • If you already have equity investors in your company, IFundWomen will purchase shares at the fair market value of the company at the time of investment, using your standard term sheet and subscription agreement that your other investors used. 
  • If your company has never taken on an equity investor, IFundWomen will work with you and your lawyers to create a founder-friendly investment vehicle for your business, at this stage.
If my business status does not currently make me eligible to take on equity investment, am I still eligible to be IFWEOY21?

Yes! If you are an LLC or a C-Corp, you are already eligible to receive equity investment. If you are a sole proprietor, non-profit, general partnership, or an S-Corp, you can simply change how your business is registered and then collect your $100k equity investment prize if you are selected! 

When will the winner of IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year be announced?

The winner of IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year will be announced on Friday, November 19, 2021 at the program’s culminating celebration.

When is the application deadline?

The IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year application will be open until September 20, 2021.




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Check out the IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Terms & Conditions for more details.