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Welcome to the ultimate crowdfunding toolkit


Here you'll find all of the tools, downloads, pdfs, etc that you will need to rock your crowdfunding campaign.


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The IFundWomen Method Playbook

The IFundWomen Method Playbook is the ultimate crowdfunding tool for this course. Use it throughout the course for sections like:

•  Honing Your Pitch

•  Mapping Your Network

•  Building Your Rewards


Pitch Script Template

If you are not a fan of Google Docs or Excel, feel free to use this downloadable PDF during Lesson 2: Honing Your Pitch, to write your script.






IFundWomen Multi-tab Network Map

We find it easier to map your network using this “multi-tab” Network Map vs. using the one in the Playbook, but do you. Either way, you are mapping your network during Lesson 3: Mapping Your Network. This detailed template will help you map every area of your network.


My Communities Worksheet

Use this during the Lesson 3: Mapping Your Network. Take the time to list 10 new communities you can tap into for you campaign. 


Audience Messaging & Content Marketing Worksheet 

Use the Audience Messaging Worksheet to help you talk about your campaign based on your audiences’ specific motivations. Find out the best way make the ask! 

Then, use the Content Marketing Worksheet allows you to layout the marketing messaging you will use before and during your campaign.  You’ll be able to determine how to keep people engaged with your campaign by switching up your messaging throughout.


Campaign Launch Checklist

Use this before you launch your campaign to make sure you’ve got everything you need to succeed!


IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding eCourse

In this course, you will learn how to raise the most money possible through crowdfunding, how to pitch like a pro, and marketing tactics that are applicable to crowdfunding and your business in general. 

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