Where Is Robin Adventure Travel Books for Kids

Adventure Travel Book Series for Children

Diplomat Books Family January 23, 2017 at 11:16 pm
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Project Description

Hello, my name is Robin. I am an educator, a traveler, and a storyteller. I am a fabulous combination of savvy businesswoman meets travel writer. I earned my MBA from INSEAD, the #1 business school in the world, and am a professor at NYU.

In 2012, I introduced my idea “Where is Robin?” I had returned home from time abroad and dreamed about planting seeds of curiosity in children about the world.  Over time my vision evolved into a company called Diplomat Books with the purpose of creating children’s travel books. We believe that learning about people and places far from home in early education leads to greater respect and compassion as adults.


Success is measured by the impact we have on the next generation: instilling a sense of curiosity, maximizing engagement among children of different backgrounds, and establishing a tone of respect and compassion among people. We launched in November 2015 and brought our first adventure travel book to market and set out to become “the Lonely Planet for 5-year-olds”.

In the past year, I have shared my story with over 3,500 people, brought our first book to market, established a national distributor relationship, and recruited a team of illustrators who will help me grow and scale the platform.


Thanks to the Internet, we live in an increasingly global world with access to people and places different than your home. Often misunderstanding between people can result in fear. Staying open minded and curious is a life skill needed to bridge our differences. I learned this skill through travel. This life skill is like a muscle that became stronger the more places that I visited!

Possessing the skills to understand differences among people is as important for your survival as the pursuit of your best life! Travel is an important life experience. It opens up your mind and teaches you how to be curious.

My passion for travel, fearlessness in new situations, and vulnerability to share our experiences inspires people to recognize that travel is an important life experience and to pursue their best life!

With this character and the travel story lines, I want to create a world that sets the tone for curiosity and encourages the muscle of curiosity to develop and remain alive throughout one’s life!