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ValorBands are hand-crafted bracelets and wrist cuffs made from authentic, donated military uniforms.

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Project Description


ValorBands are hand-crafted bracelets and wrist cuffs made from authentic, donated military uniforms.

FASHION + PHILANTHROPY = VALORBANDS ValorBands are hand-crafted bracelets and wrist cuffs made from authentic, donated military uniforms. They give Americans the opportunity to show their gratitude for military past and present by owning a piece of the service member’s history.

Every ValorBand acts as a patriotic reminder that freedom isn’t free. It is a tangible, visual and fashionable way to say thank you and show gratitude for military both past and present.

Because of the textiles we use, every ValorBand is unique, beautifully flawed and one-of-a-kind. More importantly, each ValorBand becomes a discussion piece, allowing its wearer to be the narrator of the donor’s story, ensuring that his/her service, sacrifice, and life live on long after they retire their boots.

Each ValorBand product directly supports veterans’ services, including job training and employment for at-risk and transitioning veterans.

ValorBands are made by Marine Corps mom Amy Cotta as a way to feel connected to her enlisted son Tyler and show support and gratitude for him and other military veterans. Watch the video above to hear Amy’s story.

Look Who’s Wearing Their Gratitude?

Frank Ortega Jeff_Keith
“My ValorBand reminds me of the sacrifice that men and women make daily to ensure that I’m Free. There is something rally cool about wearing this band and knowing that I’m wearing a part of someone’s history.” — Angela Goode
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ValorBands was featured on Fox News for our commitment to helping veterans. Watch HERE!
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How you can help

1.  Be a ValorBand Ambassador by donating at a level without receiving products. You can choose to support at the $10 level, or at a custom level you choose. With this type of support, 100% of your donation goes to supporting our veterans’ projects, products, and goals.
Your name will be listed on as a ValorBand ambassador and you will receive a shareable ambassador badge.
ValorBand Wearables – fashionably show your support of America’s military. Donate at the $25, $40, $100 or $125 level and receive your own personal ValorBand product. The $100 option is the most popular and allows you to choose your own design.
Your ValorBand Comes With A Certificate Of Authenticity Which Includes The Uniform’s Donor’s Name, Rank, Branch And Years Served + Your Name On ValorBands.Com As A ValorBands Ambassador – With Shareable Ambassador Badge.
Become a Sponsor at the $300, $500 or $750 level to provide job training, industrial sewing machines, and website makeover.
2. Rally the Troops – There’s an old saying it takes a village, in our case, it’s an Army. Please consider joining the ValorBands Army. Follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram @ValorBands. Share our funding campaign with everyone you know and ask them to contribute as well.
3. What to do next: Click on the photos links below to download shareable social media posts, and customizable email template to share with your family, friends, and contacts. We can’t do it without you. Thank you in advance for joining my Army and rallying the troops!

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How Funding Will Be Used

We are raising money on iFundWomen, so we can put the people, processes, and equipment in place needed to scale our business and increase our product offerings.

How the funding will be used:

  • Buildout online store
  • Automation
  • Trademarks
  • Commercial equipment
  • Larger workspace

We also need to fund a contract-based workforce, including:

  • Pattern maker
  • Job training (industrial sewing) for veterans making our products It is our belief that no veteran should ever be without a job

The Vision for the Future Wearable Gratitude™

Vision Statement

Build a deeper connection and closing the gap between civilians and veterans by developing ValorBands, into ValorBRANDS.

As we scale, we expand upon our current offerings to include purses/bags, military brass shell casings accessories, and one-of-a-kind refashioned and deconstructed jackets made from authentic, repurposed military surplus.

Fashion with Purpose

Continue to make a meaningful impact on our military and veteran community by training and hiring a work staff of transitioning and at-risk veterans to make our products. Continue to give 20% of proceeds to Medals of Honor and other worthy military nonprofits and outreaches.

 Our Commitment:



Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. On average each American throws away roughly 70 lbs of clothing and textiles per year. We recycle and repurpose donated uniforms including their buttons and patches.



Today less than 3% of all apparel worn in the US is Made in America. ValorBands are proudly handcrafted Tennessee by the mother of a United States Marine. 



We proudly exist to help bridge the gap between military service members and civilians, in doing so we donate 20% of all proceeds to fund the mission of Medals of Honor.

The Nonprofit We Support

Medals of Honor is a national military 501c3 nonprofit based in Franklin Tennessee.

HONOR — Fallen Men and Women of the United States Military and bring comfort to their families.
HEAL — The visible and invisible wounds of war through endurance sports and fitness.
CONNECT — Bridge the gap between Veterans, Active Duty, Surviving Families, and Civilians so that no service or sacrifice goes forgotten.

Medals of Honor gives the endurance/race community a tangible way to thank and give back to the families that lost loved ones while serving our Military. Through Medals of Honor, racers can compete in honor of a fallen U.S. service member and donate their personal finisher’s medal to the surviving family. Our Enduring Heroes program funds potential athletes who are also Active Duty Military, Veterans or Surviving family members so they can compete in endurance sports as a method of healing, and as a means to honor a loved one, fallen teammate, or someone they’ve never met. Medals of Honor helps cover the cost of entry fees, coaching, equipment and travel expenses for these American VIPs!