UniqueBriefs by Verandeno Clothing

UniqueBriefs are leak-proof sports briefs so you can wear better, play better, and be better!

UniqueBriefs Lifestyle March 8, 2017 at 9:52 am
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Project Description


period underwear

If you wear better, you play better!

The patented UniqueBrief women’s sports brief is a specialty brief style undergarment designed to help female athletes perform better and feel more comfortable while playing sports or participating in everyday activities. Its special 100% cotton crotch panel is designed to help minimize leaks by securing a panty liner, pad or pad with wings in place, while the fabric stretch factor offers support. The 95% cotton/5% lycra light-weight fabric allows for easy movement and comfort.

 sports brief for women

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My goal is to get this product moving in my primary market of collegiate, high school, middle school and professional female athletes. I plan to incorporate team logos as an option, therefore licensing will be very important. Funds will be applied towards marketing, production, and distribution for the product. In addition, I plan to vend at several sporting events and tournaments to gain exposure and generate sales. A portion of funds will go towards diversifying packaging, providing a small run to a private local sporting goods store, and upgrade computer equipment for business essentials. My end goal is to get this product all over the world for females to appreciate, embrace, and enjoy. The UniqueBrief will become a leader in this specialty alternative underwear market.

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