The C.Sea Recycled Project by Guitars and Caffeine

Conservation, Innovation, and Education are the foundation to the most sustainable instruments we can create.

Guitars And Caffeine Art + Music March 15, 2017 at 10:01 am
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Project Description



The C.Sea Recycled Project focuses on three main ideals: conservation, innovation and education. Simply put, I want to take broken, old, cheap, unwanted instruments, use them to help teach repairs and builders about new techniques, chemicals and physics – then repurpose those parts to make one-of-a-kind, great playing instruments that have a voice of their own.  The money invested into this project will help fund a space, materials and tools used to hold classes and work shops about guitar repair techniques and industry chemicals. This space will allow the guitar repair and guitar playing community learn more about the science behind the guitar in a hands-on setting, that promotes questions and experimentation in a stress free environment.



The broken, neglected guitars used in these classes will then serve a second purpose – the good parts and wood of these instruments will be used to make new instruments! Each instrument will be priced to sell, because I believe music is not just for the elite – the price range will reflect the time and added new materials, stay between $200- $1200. Each instrument will be hand crafted to bring out the best in the wood and utilize the most out of the parts in stock. By using finish designs and detailing, each instrument will have it’s own one-of-a-kind look and feel – You better believe they will be some of the most comfortable play and coolest looking instruments you’ve ever heard of.




To gain inventory I will be asking for gifts of broken, neglected, unwanted, cheap instruments that would other wise find there was to the trash. I will be send out information about The C.Sea Recycled Project to guitar stores nationwide, and be offering incentives like discounts on future orders, classes and products to anyone able and willing to add to our broken guitar inventory. I will also be talking to some industry leaders to try and reclaim their seconds before the dumpsters are emptied.


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