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The Ultimate Destination - for new residents to discover + experience their new city

So You're New Lifestyle March 1, 2017 at 9:31 pm
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Project Description

picmonkeyTHE PROBLEM

Getting socially acclimated in a new city is inefficient and time-consuming.


So. You’re New? curates monthly scavenger hunts that lead new residents on a fun adventure to discover + experience their new city. 


To reinvent the way you explore your new city.


After relocating to Nashville, Tennessee from Evansville, Indiana in January 2012 we found ourselves stuck. Stuck in a new city with very few friends and no agenda to create the social life we once had back home. We wanted to fit in but didn’t know where to begin. Like most new residents, we began searching the web looking for ‘things to do in Nashville’, ‘new in Nashville’, and  even ‘where do the locals hang out on Friday nights?’ What we found was A LOT of information. Boring…plain ole..somewhat useful…information- but now we had to spend extra time reading through it all before we could even get out and explore. Yes, we could read reviews but who has time for that? We wanted to explore. We began thinking to ourselves there has to be a better way to discover and experience this city. A way for us to explore the city like a local and meet new friends while we were at it. After sharing our frustration with each other, the idea for So. You’re New? was born.

Founded in 2016, So. You’re New? is a destination for new residents. As transplants ourselves, we know what it’s like to relocate to a new city and not feel like an insider. So we set out to help change the way new residents discover and experience their new city. We believe it’s  important that new residents learn the city, explore the sights, and delve into all that this amazing city has to offer-so we created So. You’re New?.


Every month SYN (So. You’re New?) will send you on a curated adventure to discover and experience your new city. Each adventure has a three clues with each clue building upon the previous. Once you solve your last clue, you will reveal a unique code. This code is your ticket to your final destination where you will experience life like a local. (bars+restaurants+hotspots+activities- We want you to explore, so don’t worry we’ve got you covered!)


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We are still in our infancy stages but we are ready to take So. You’re New? (SYN) to the next level. This means marketing, marketing, and did we say marketing? Our goal is to become the premier leader for new residents to discover and experience their new city. We are raising money for our marketing  and operational costs which include: creating, advertising, and marketing for our first five scavenger hunts and implementing an SMS technology system to mobilize our operations. 


Nashville is growing at an exponential rate. In 2014, 30,000 new residents relocated to Nashville. That’s equivalent to about 82 people per day. By 2035, we are expecting 1,000,000 more. As new residents arrive they will need a way to discover and experience Music City. We are confident So. You’re New? will help ‘newbies’ feel like locals in no time.


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Brittany Clements, Co-Founder/CEO

Indiana native turned Nashvillian. Mompreneur. Cereal Fanatic. Avid adventurer. Mascara Addict.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany. Raised in Evansville, Indiana. Brittany relocated to Nashville, TN in January 2012 in hopes of creating a brighter future for herself. After relocating and finding it difficult to get socially acclimated she voiced her concerns with roommate and Co-Founder, Kyla Phillips, and the idea for So. You’re New? was born. 

She enjoys traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her family and 2 year old son. Brittany currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Western Kentucky University in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

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Kyla Phillips, Co-Founder/COO

Indiana native turned Nashvillian. Laugher of all things!

The move to Nashville, in 2012, presented new opportunities, adventures and experiences to have.  What began as an honest attempt to grow personally and professionally, became an endless desire to help ‘newbies’ get acclimated by creating So. You’re New?

She enjoys advocating for youth, motivating others to pursue their passions, and exploring all facets of what life has to offer. Kyla currently holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Western Kentucky University in Economics and Nonprofit Administration and a Master’s degree from Walden University in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.