New Moon Workshop

Whether it is through a card, original artwork, a costume, or a performance - New Moon Workshop is here to share LOVE and SPARKLE.

New Moon Workshop Modern Media March 1, 2017 at 4:15 pm
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Project Description

New Moon Workshop is the brainchild of Mixed Media Artist Livie Ava Byrd. There are three focuses:
the Fully Loaded Hearts shop, the Mixed Media portfolio, and the world of Livie Lovebird. Please read below for details about each of these sections focused on bringing love and sparkle to people’s lives.

First – Why love and sparkle?

Baby Lovebird

That is a picture of a baby Livie Lovebird in a costume that was worn by several family members before she got her hands on it. Growing up, I didn’t really have things that were just mine. Even though my hand-me-down costumes didn’t quite fit, and were held together with safety pins, I still loved them. Costumes and stuffed animals were my way to a fantasy world that made all my troubles go away. My father came to the US from Greece in 1966 with very little money, and even less English. To him America meant opportunity, Elvis Presley, and showgirls. Showmanship in movies, music, and art gave me an escape and gave me joy. So it is little surprise that I grew up to be a woman with sparkly ideals and an obsession with trying to make others happy. And couldn’t we all use a little more love and sparkle these days?

The unlikely showgirl and artist.
I spent too much of my life being sad, and believing that the things I wanted to do were out of my reach and were for other people. Over several years I lost 80 pounds and I realized that no matter what happened in the past, no matter what my childhood was like, and no matter what other people say, life is too short to count yourself out!
I will strive to be happy and make other people happy too!
I am on a mission to spread LOVE and SPARKLE!


Fully Loaded Hearts


Fully Loaded Hearts is a fun and rascally shop on Etsy that features handmade cards and handcrafted gifts. The cards are saucy, sex positive, and filled with LOVE. I started the shop 4 years ago with just 9 card designs that only came in black. Today there are 109 card options available in black, red, and cream. And now there is a gift section! I love hearts and I love space, so I started making sparkly constellation and heart gifts.

Fully Loaded Hearts products

I would love to be able to make cards to have for sale in physical retail locations. This would require making large numbers of cards in advance in order to wholesale them, rather than making creating each one after an order is placed. I have had several requests to wholesale my cards, and funding would go towards the purchase of raw materials to create cards for future sales. In addition to paying for raw materials and supplies for the shop, funding will also go to towards the research and development of new prototypes. Prototypes that I am working on now include 3D Glitter Planets, Suns and Moons! I have been experimenting with different sealants that will allow for optimal glittery shine! I would love to be able to offer color text and graphics options for the cards. This would require upgrading the shop to a color laser printer. I want to be able to add glitter embossing to the type on the cards. This will require investing in special pens, inks, embossing powders, and an embossing heat tool. I am also in the process of trying to perfect recreating logos and pictures in glitter for custom orders.

Fully Loaded Hearts Prototypes

Love is intense and love is weird. This shop was created to help everyone express their intense weird love with one another. If you care about someone, you should let them know. Fully Loaded Hearts has been featured on BuzzFeed and has shipped to folks around the world.
Check out the Fully Loaded Hearts shop by clicking here.

Mixed Media

Cards for Sorrow, Cards for Pain

In my house growing up, duct tape was used on just about everything and sheets and towels were used instead of curtains. Looking back, I’m pretty sure that is why I have an absolute love for everything decorated and ornate.

Art has been my way to decorate my world. I believe in always taking time to make something beautiful, because one day it will make someone, somewhere, happy. Art Nouveau and Barococo are my favorite styles. If it were up to me, I would gild all the lilies and add some glitter too. Part of my heart and mind is in every piece I create.

Music heavily influences my work. My portfolio includes paintings that bring to life the song lyrics of some of my favorite artists including Roxy Music, Nick Cave and Bob Dylan. These are my Nouveau Influenced Pop Art Pieces. My 3D flower pieces further visually express my passion towards and love of music. Those pieces incorporate physical flowers, guitar picks, and speakers. In a different vein are my calls for revolution pieces. The signature red paint statement pieces serve as rallying cries that we cannot remain uninformed, uninvolved, and unconcerned. Visual art is my outlet to express all the thoughts and emotions of an introverted artist trying to find beauty and peace in a world filled with oppression, frustration, and mixed messages.

Livie Byrd Mixed Media Artwork

Funding will go to the following:
One of my goals is to be able to make prints of my pieces to sell. To get high quality images for my prints, I will need to have my pieces precisely scanned at high resolutions and then have a print shop produce the prints for me. Funding will go towards the upfront costs of getting prints made.
Right now I do not have a studio. Whenever I work on pieces, they completely take over my small apartment, and sometimes I have access to a garage that I can work in. Being able to rent studio space (or a living space that includes studio space) would have a huge positive impact on my productivity as an artist. Funding will also support more pieces being made by paying for supplies including brushes, acrylic paint, oil paint, gel mediums, guitar picks, canvases, flower, and more!

I also do freelance graphic design, web design, and motion graphics. The computer that I use is several years old. In order to keep working, I will need to replace it with a newer model and upgrade my software soon.
In addition to my Mixed Media work, I also work in digital mediums, costume design, production design, and I have recently begun to teach myself photography. To see more of my work, please check out my portfolio at

Livie Byrd Photography

Livie Lovebird

Livie Lovebird is an elaborately costumed Burlesque Stage Kitten and Go-go dancing haunted doll that hails from Nashville, TN. The spooky little bird you’d love to meet.

I was beyond a latchkey kid and was left to my own imagination to entertain myself. Old movies, scary movies, and Muppets were my favorite. And dancing, I loved to dance. Dancing is the one thing in this life that makes me feel free. When I go to live shows, all of my problems melt away. The costumes and the sparkles make nothing else matter. For years and years I would dance alone in the dark in my room, and I dreamed of being a performer, but I never thought I could actually do it. After losing weight, I am still adjusting to my new size and how I fit into the world and how others see me. I started taking classes at Delinquent Debutantes, the only Burlesque Finishing School here in Nashville, and it did wonders in building my self confidence.

When I first started, it was pretty much a miracle that I actually went to a dance class – in a room full of mirrors and strangers – in workout clothes. That was literally what my nightmares were made of. The first few classes I totally hid from the mirror and I wore spanx under my workout clothes. I was that girl. The headmistress Freya West forced me in front of the mirror, and the rest is history. I am still very much on the journey to accept my whole self as I am now. I have learned that my body is not something to be ashamed of, and I don’t have to look like “society’s ideal” in order to entertain. It is not confidence that gets me on stage, it is more of a reckless abandon in which I fling myself into opportunities that scare me to death.

Livie Lovebird

I specialize in what I call “Peripheral Sparkle.” I don’t have an ego that needs to be center stage or the main act, I like to support Burlesque shows, Variety shows, and Concerts in any way that I can, because I know that shows help others escape their troubles for a few hours. I love watching performances because they make me happy. All the glitter and sparkle and celebration of women’s bodies help me escape whatever stressors I may have going on in my life. That is what drives me to perform, to try to be able to give that form of entertainment and escape to someone else. I have done this as a Stage Kitten, Go-go Dancer, Burlesque Dancer, Merch Kitten, Master of Ceremonies, Booth Babe, Cigarette Girl, and Candy Girl for public and private shows including Divination Burlesque, Nashville Nightmare, the Miss Nashville Vampire Pageant, Girl on Girl Comedy & Revue, Delinquent Debutantes, Hypericon, Third Coast Comedy Club, The East Room, Queen Ave, Radio Cafe, and fooBAR. I sometimes even work the door at Skull’s Rainbow Room in Nashville’s Historic Printers Alley where you can catch Madam Hazel Jones’ Burlesque Revue. I am here to support the performance community. A goal I have yet to reach is to be a Magician’s Assistant, I think I would be great at it!

My dreams of being an entertainer were totally reaffirmed when I got to see Beyoncé in concert last year. That show gave me so much hope about what is possible in this life, and it let me know that long sleeve bodysuits are THE LOOK. I thought to myself, if through my performing, if I can ever make anyone feel just one ounce of the elation that I felt watching the unbelievable production that was the Formation tour, my life would be complete.

I have met some incredible women along the way. One woman who helped me so much is photographer, artist, and writer Stacie Huckeba. She took the picture of me in my Prince Raspberry Beret inspired costume that is in the cover photo for this project, and I want to make sure she gets all the credit in the world for helping me feel beautiful. Not only is Stacie fiercely talented, she was able to share her own experience of significant weight loss, and she helped me see myself as I am today.

Livie Stacie photos

Peripheral sparkle and Burlesque are labors of love. I gladly donated my time and services to the Nightmare Boudoir show inside of Nashville Nightmare which was a benefit show produced in conjunction with Haunt PINK Awareness to raise breast cancer awareness with all proceeds being donated to the foundation and to the Miss Nashville Vampire Pageant which was a charity fundraiser for the American Red Cross. Even when gigs are paid, I always go negative when I perform. I make a lot of my own costumes, and funding will go towards raw materials and supplies for costuming. I have dreams of one day owning a serger, a pants press, a mini iron, and a professional grade steamer. I have plans to build an elaborate peacock costume that has a tail that turns into detachable fans that can be danced with. And I would love to start making costumes for other performers. Another cost of performing is that to book shows and/or festivals, producers expect and require professionally done high resolution photos that they can use to promote the shows. Photographers don’t work for free, and shouldn’t be asked to do so. I do my own makeup and hairstyling, and showgirl makeup and hair is intense, and I go through a lot of products quickly. Funding will go towards all of the showgirl necessities listed above.
You can follow Livie Lovebird’s adventures on Instagram @livielovebird.

Livie Lovebird Costumes