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Mixtroz helps live event attendees STOP networking and START connecting; all while the event host learns!

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Project Description


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Just over 2 years ago, Co-Founders Kerry Schrader (Mom/CEO) and Ashlee Ammons (Daughter/COO) experienced tricky social situations that led them to re-imagine the “networking” process creating a service that makes social experiences both at work and play simpler, better and more satisfying while providing a valuable ROI to direct (event host/sponsor) and indirect (event attendee) customers.

Mixtroz Co-Founders

What is Mixtroz?:

Let’s face it, live event networking is shallow, uncomfortable, clumsy, graceless, awkward BUT ultimately necessary.  Mixtroz (mixer + introduction) is a technology that helps event attendees easily connect with one another; all while helping the host learn more about attendees based on their responses to customized questions.  It’s the “what’s next” at live events!  At Mixtroz, our goal ultimate goal is to support hearts, friends, and likes while reminding society that before Facebook, face-to-face interactions united the world.


Mixtroz is a tool (mobile app) that is initiated by an event organizer as an “Intentional Networking” opportunity provided to attendees over the course of an event.  Users download the app, complete a virtual name tag and real time survey customized by the event organizer AND/OR sponsor.  At a predetermined time, the app matches attendees with 3-10 others with similar responses and guides them to those persons for a curated group networking experience IN REAL TIME! Essentially, Mixtroz can be used anywhere groups of 25 or more are already gathered. Immediate, post-event, access to the survey data yields a higher ROI to the event organizer driving smarter decisions across marketing, research and future event programming, as well as, increased engagement for event attendees.

Using Mixtroz drives 360-degree ROI!


Meet Our Developers:


More information about Mixtroz is available at mixtroz.com and to experience the free demo for yourself, please download the app from the iOS or Google app stores.


Our Why?:

We are cofounders chasing beyond professional dreams; we’ve already achieved them.  Beyond growing Mixtroz into a successful women and minority owned business, we are working to support the mission of making entrepreneurship, more specifically, entrepreneurship within the tech space a more diverse and inclusive environment for all.  Specific to iFundWomen, we hope to attract seed round funding to support our company as we scale toward a self-service product (think Mailchimp) that easily integrates into large platforms (like Eventbrite).


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Co-Founder Kerry “surthrived” a cancer scare Fall 2015 in the middle of our Mixtroz journey and has been cancer free since 2/12/16 – We Are Blessed!!!



Speaking Topics: Entrepreneurship, Women in STEM, Breast Cancer Awareness

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