Just Add Tea by Tea Tea & Company

Expansion of tea, hospitality, civility, and community through Independent Tea Consultants

Tea Tea and Company Lifestyle March 9, 2017 at 7:53 am
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Project Description

Just Add Tea by Tea Tea & Company

At Tea, Tea & Company, we specialize in tea, tea parties, tea education, and custom blends. We want you to have a tea experience guided by dedication, responsibility, education, attitude, and motivation.

Tea is a liquid change agent that offers social, physical, and communal enrichment. Get people back to the table with Independent Tea Consultants, who guide us in our fast paced world back to tea, hospitality, civility, and community.


Our new venture includes launching independent tea consultants nationwide by starting first in Nashville.

This project would train women, girls, and college students in a specialized curriculum created by  Tea Tea and Company, while also providing skills, flexibility, and extra income.

We know that the physical, social, and communal  benefits of tea have proven to be quite beneficial.  As of 2017, Tea Tea and Company has participated in over 300 tea parties, tea related events, and beverage customizations. Our focus has been on bottling and distribution of our ready to drink fruit tea, fulfilling orders on an online order retail store, and co-branding of tea related products for businesses, corporations, and events. We have also been partnering with social entrepreneurship entities, and college and high school students to help us with brand evangelism. https://video214.com/play/rJ6mrAdNPyvLAMnDl0mD2g/s/dark

All of these experiences have allowed us to recognize the need for additional people who can transform lives through the tea revolution, hospitality, civility, and community.  Independent Tea Consultants would learn the history of tea, social skills and etiquette, business techniques, and sales strategies.  They would share tea through in home presentations, corporate functions, community fairs, and an individual website. The mix of social and business skills would empower women to excel financially, socially, and communally.

Funding would be spent on legal counsel, technology infrastructure, project management, and creative marketing.

Visit our website at http://teateaandcompany.com/ for more information.

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