Hillside Lavender Farm – Barn Restoration

The Lavender Shack - Crumbling Foundation and Dilapidated Barn Restoration Project

Hillside Lavender Family March 3, 2017 at 12:07 pm
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Project Description

Hillside Lavender Farm

Our family’s quest to find the perfect farm where we could plant lavender and create a homestead will be featured on HGTV episode of “We Bought the Farm”, season two, and will air this spring 2017.

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Hillside Lavender is a family run naturally grown lavender farm situated in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Just 4 miles from Hershey, and less than 10 miles from Harrisburg- the capital of Pennsylvania, our 30 acre farm is a hidden gem, protected by the Manada Conservancy. Our farm showcases three different types of lavender planted in rows on five acres.


Who is Amy?

At the age of 21, I became the youngest certified master gardener in my county. As a young adult, I developed a love of lavender when I was in my early 20’s working at a local garden and greenhouse attraction in the Perennial Retail and Production departments. During my first year as a master gardener, I taught, “Meet the Plants” to 4th grade students in local school districts, and maintained the fragrance bed at the Kings Gap Environmental Center. As a young 4th grade teacher, I started a garden club for kids attending the school where I taught and maintained a vermicomposting unit in my classroom. Gardening is in my blood. It brings me joy and satisfaction is a great stress release and accompanies an appreciation to the process of growing and harvesting the lavender we grow on our farm.


As a wife, mom, daughter, aunt, employee, friend, and student, I am constantly searching for my center. When we bought our farm, I wanted to escape to a place of inspiration. We planted lavender and created a business around it, as an opportunity to provide other women with a center- a place to come to see and touch the lavender, visit the farm animals, be inspired by nature, restore and unwind. We provide pampering products to encourage relaxation, calmness, encouragement, and empowerment to lavender lovers who are juggling the demands of work, life, and busy family schedules.


In February 2016, after six years of searching for the right place, we bought the farm. The six-acre field on the north side of the property would be the perfect site to till and plant lavender. Having never lived on a farm, this has come with a significant learning curve. I didn’t even have a yard big enough for a vegetable garden, and now we have 30 acres to care for. The second week after moving in, our 32 chicks arrived in the mail. One month later, our two Nubian goats arrived. We planted our 5 acres of lavender in June. It’s been the busiest year of our lives, but it has also been the most rewarding. Visit our Blog to read more about our farm life.


We provide the opportunity to enjoy a stress-free time together as a family by offering a unique experience to residents and tourists of Southcentral Pennsylvania. We would like to help our customers create a lasting memory by educating and sharing our lavender farm. We focus on the Lavender growing experience, allowing customers the opportunity to learn about the entire life cycle of the plant, and the health, aromatic, and culinary uses of the value-added products derived from the essential oils of the plant. Our plants are hand planted, hand harvested, and protected, to afford the best quality product we can.

I am asking iFundWomen to help me restore the dilapidated barn that we inherited when we purchased our property. I would like to turn this barn into “The Lavender Shack”, utilizing the space to transform the eyesore barn with a crumbling foundation into a classroom and gift shop.


I know that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. I cannot express the amount of gratitude and I have in my heart for being granted this opportunity. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my campaign to be able to share this amazing property with the public, and to utilize the barn for classes to offer our community. THANK YOU!

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